Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: These Female Stars Shaved Their Heads For Various Reasons

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Female Stars Who Went Bald For…Various Reasons

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They say that bald is beautiful. For some that may be true, but for others it is far from the truth. We have named some female celebrities that have shaven their heads for some reason or another, whether it was for a role or a new style or just a crazy meltdown. Some of them look very good, while others have weird heads! Check out our list of Female Stars with Shaved Heads!

Amber Rose

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Amber Rose fits the saying to a T. Bald is beautiful and it is working for her. Amber keeps that hair short and blonde and now that she is engaged to Wiz Khalifa and expecting their first child, she is glowing and gonna need that hair short with a baby around.

Britney Spears


Who hasn’t seen the bald pictures of Britney Spears? Back in 2007, Britney had the meltdowns of all meltdowns. She was acting all crazy and no one knew what she would do next. Well, she decided to shave her head one night and then went after some paparazzi with an umbrella. Now we can find her on The X Factor as a judge and on so many meds she doesn’t even know where she is anymore.



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Well, hello India Arie with the shaved head. The short look is definitely working for this Grammy-winning singer, who went to the Grammy Awards in 2003 with the bald look.

Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron is an Oscar-winning actress who is always one to do whatever it takes to portray the character that she is being paid to play. For her current role in Mad Max, Charlize went all out and shaved off those long, blonde locks. She can sport the bald look very well though.

Frenchie Davis

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The alum of both American Idol and The Voice has been sporting the bald look for years. She may have been kicked off American Idol for some t0pless photos she posed for earlier in her career, but can you blame her? She has the three B’s working for her: Big, Bald and Beautiful.

Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman is another one that dives into her characters hardcore and that can be seen in this picture. She shaved her head back in 2005 for her role in V for Vendetta. Even though she was bald in only half the movie, Portman still took the role very seriously and chopped off her hair.

Erykah Badu

I think some of these women should consider a bald look for an every day look. Erykah Badu looks stunning with her head shaved. The Grammy-winning singer is more known for wearing the big and colorful headwraps, but this look is working for her.

Kylie Minogue


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In 2005, singer Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer. She took it head-on and after chemotherapy treatments, she started to lose her hair. The diva still looked great after the hair loss and she is now cancer free!

Alek Wek

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On America’s Next Top Model during the makeover episode, they always shave off one girls hair and they freak out. I don’t know why because they normally look much better and many models have the bald look working for them, including Alek Wek. She has been working the catwalk since 1995 and looks very good with that bald head of hers.

Anne Hathaway

If you haven’t seen or heard (and if you haven’t, you clearly must be locked up in a hole), but Anne Hathaway will be starring in the movie version of the musical Les Miserables. It is a huge movie and comes out Christmas Day. They have been promoting it hardcore, but one of the huge things is that during the movie Anne cuts off her hair! To be honest, seeing her go around promoting this movie with that short hair has grown on me. I like the shorter look for Hathaway. Anyone else?

Grace Jones

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Grace Jones has done it all: model, singer and actress. At 64 years old, the woman is still out there working it and looking fierce with the bald head. She has over-the-top looks and wigs, but underneath it all is a bald head and we can all dance to one of her songs in celebration.

Kellie Pickler

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Kellie Pickler is another alum of American Idol and a country star, but back in September one of her best friends was battling cancer and to show her support for her friend, Kellie shaved her head right alongside her friend. The hair is starting to grow back, but she rocked out the bald look very well.

Ajak Deng

Like I said, models can work that bald look and Ajak Deng is proof of that yet again. How can anyone look at the picture above and not think that she is hot? And she is only 19 and in high demand in the modeling world, so watch out for her!

Cynthia Nixon

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The former Sex and the City star is known for those red locks, but she surprised everyone when she debuted the bald look for her role in the Broadway production Wit. She plays a cancer patient in the play and shows off the bald look on the red carpet. It looks too weird for me – I need her with that red hair!

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