StyleBlazer Exclusive: Cedella Marley Dishes On Fashion, Music And Her Father's Influence On It All

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Cedella Marley Dishes On Fashion, Music And Her Father’s Influence On It All

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On Caribbean fashion and why it’s so dope:
I think everyone can agree that Caribbean fashion has maintained the bold color, the eclectic prints and unique mixes of paring casual and cool in one look. It’s fun and lively – and I think it takes risks, because it’s so heavily in tune with the culture. Also, Caribbean fashion is making its way into the mainstream, as we’re seeing more ethnic prints, bright colors and techniques like color blocking.

Why you should run (not walk) to the Bob Marley Shop:
Women need to be comfortable first and foremost. In my designs, I like for women to feel comfortable in their skin. So the fabric soft and spacious, it’s not too constricting or too revealing. At the Bob Marley Shop, you’ll see a lot of fun t-shirts. In my opinion, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who can pull off a well-made t-shirt and nice fitting jeans. You’ll also see that these aren’t just plain t-shirts – they’re stylish, they’re deconstructed; there are some with lace and more.


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-Danielle Kwateng
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  • iamKiNG

    She looks juuuuuuust like her daddy.

  • B S

    style influenced by bob marley? so -everyone- can look like a dead-eyed, shambling, cannabis addled hobo with a rat-nest for a wig, not just the rich and privileged now, thanks to his daughter? well what ARE we waiting for?? hemp and bohemia await!

    • The Know-Madd

      Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?? SMH