StyleBlazer Exclusive: Cedella Marley Dishes On Fashion, Music And Her Father's Influence On It All

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Cedella Marley Dishes On Fashion, Music And Her Father’s Influence On It All

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Cedella Marley is more than just the first child of reggae music legend, Bob Marley.

The mother, wife, author and singer has also made a mark on the fashion industry as the head of One Love design company and label, Catch a Fire. This year, Cedella partnered with Puma to design the official Jamaican Olympic team uniforms, showing pride for her home country and certifying her place in the fashion world.

With a new year ahead and exciting plans for her company, the taste-maker took time to chat with us about it all.


Photo: WENN


On where she draws design inspiration from: I find style inspirations from a variety of things. Recently, since it’s Holiday season – I find inspiration from being home, being by the water, the beautiful views, everything about my entire family inspires me daily. I have a huge family so the inspiration is always flowing. I’ve always been inspired by my mom’s ability to mix beautiful prints and my dad’s iconic all denim look.

On her father’s music and its influence today: I find inspiration in music – I come from a musical family! I recently adapted one of my dad’s songs, “Three Little Birds” into a children’s book. I also really love how Rihanna represents Caribbean culture and stays true to her roots – I know she’s a huge fan of my dad.


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  • iamKiNG

    She looks juuuuuuust like her daddy.

  • B S

    style influenced by bob marley? so -everyone- can look like a dead-eyed, shambling, cannabis addled hobo with a rat-nest for a wig, not just the rich and privileged now, thanks to his daughter? well what ARE we waiting for?? hemp and bohemia await!

    • The Know-Madd

      Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?? SMH