Cory Booker Featured In 'Vogue,' Talks About Being A Superhero

Cory Booker Featured In ‘Vogue,’ Talks About Being A Superhero

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Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker has had an incredible six-year run during his tenure in office.

From saving a woman in a burning home to chasing down (literally) drug dealers and feeding Hurricane Sandy victims, the 43-year-old has been labeled as a real life super hero by many. On the brink of announcing his consideration for the U.S. Senate, Vogue published an interview with “America’s most influential mayor.” The article touches on his journey to politics, impact of family in his life and current state of Newark.


“Think about that person who invested one dollar in my dad’s education. I am here because some folks in a small town said, ‘I’m going to intervene in this boy’s life; I’m going to give him the ability to get down the hill to college, to pay his tuition.”

“One generation from a poor boy of a single mother and now I’m growing up in Harrington Park, New Jersey,” Booker continues. “To get from here to here wasn’t about individual discipline and lifting yourself up by your bootstraps. It was a conspiracy of love.”


To read the full interview, go to Vogue.


-Danielle Kwateng