StyleBlazer Exclusive: Blair Underwood Designs A Line For K&G, Gives Us The Scoop On His Men's Collection

StyleBlazer Exclusive: Blair Underwood Designs A Line For K&G, Gives Us The Scoop On His Men’s Collection

Photo: WENN


At first, the idea of  Blair Underwood having a clothing collection took us off guard.

The actor who’s had a successful 27-year career is known for his debonaire roles and smooth swag, but we never knew he had an eye for fashion. “I would say my [personal] style is traditional with flavor; classy, confident and cool,” Underwood told us in the exclusive interview. “This is not something I need to do, but something I want to do.” The son of an interior decorator and brother of a painter does realize that art naturally flows from him. So when K&G stores approached him, Underwood gravitated towards the idea of making affordable menswear for the style-conscious man.

Coming from the world of entertainment and expensive suits, the actor was excited to create whole three-piece suits for under $300. “After years of playing doctors and lawyers and presidents — professionals– you come to realize that you should not have to pay thousands of dollars for a suit and have it still be of quality. And that was my inspiration, that was my driving point.”

But don’t let the great prices fool you, the suits are tailored and 100 percent wool.  “I’m a big fan of Armani and the whole collection was designed to be similar to European cuts, which are more contemporary. I favor this style because they’re more lean with strong angular lines. We also have suits for those who are big and tall– it all works with what the consumer wants.”

Underwood admits that on a regular day, running errands with the kids, he’s all about jeans, slub t-shirts and ball caps. “I’m not a huge fan of labels on my clothing. I think there’s a subtle elegance that you walk with in life. Confidence comes from knowing who you are. And if you know who you are you don’t have to scream ‘notice me, acknowledge me!’ If you’re confident –which for me, comes from up above and the God I serve– it shines through your style. And that’s what the K&G line shows.

With all the talk about confidence and style, we just had to know what role he considers his most fashionable: “Probably Set it Off or Sex and the City,” he said with a chuckle. “But I try to bring a touch of style to everything I do.”


To see the complete collection, go to K&G.

-Danielle Kwateng