Armed & Dangerous: 8 Long-Sleeve Dresses To Keep You Comfy & Covered From The Cold Weather

Remember when no one wanted to wear a long-sleeve dress? Maybe they weren’t even a fourth of fabulous as they are today. Praise the fashion Gods that designers realized we want the practical wearability of long sleeves without looking like our mothers. ¬†Over the years, long-sleeve dresses have evolved, turning into a closet staple coming in all lengths, colors, patterns, fabrics and prints. With so many options to choose from, tackling the trend may be overwhelming to some, so we’ve picked out a few for you to try.

Check out our favorite long-sleeve dresses that’ll keep your arms warm this season.



This Aidan Mattox dress featuring beaded zebra stripes is jazzy enough for a night on the town.

This futuristic Torn by Ronny Kobo dress features raised ribbons of ruching on metallic jersey for a sophisticated but youthful look.



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