Hollywood Hotties Holding The V-Card: It’s Marriage Or Bust For These Stars Waiting For The One!

Photos: WENN

Losing your v!rginity used to be a special moment between a couple that was just married. Couples would celebrate their love for each on their wedding night for the first time. Nowadays, more and more people are losing their v!rginity at a younger age. But some people are sticking to the old values and saving themselves for marriage (or want us to believe that they are). These are celebrities that are still holding that V-card, or led us to believe they were. Check out these Hollywood hotties who are abstaining from pre-marrital activities!


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  1. says:

    Well Angela Simmons is questionable. She used to date a guy in NY (who lived in the projects) and she’d always spend the night w/him there. This was back in ’06/’07 when they were still doing that reality show. Why spend the night in public housing complex, when you have a multimillion dollar mansion to go home to. Just sayin’ —that is all.

  2. says:

    Man, Jamie Foxx said Sarena’s monkey is musty! Plus Common and Drake had a fight(a weak one) over her musty monkey! And doesn’t Venus have a baby?

  3. says:

    Jordin Sparks is a lying bytch, if she is claiming to be a virgin. She slept with that singer with the freckles, and sent texts to him about it….she likely is also screwing Derulo.

  4. says:

    why is this unbelievable?

  5. says:

    Why is it unbelievable that Venus and Serena are still virgins? StyleBlazer, exactly what are you getting at?

  6. says:

    I’m a little taken aback by the fact that StyleBlazer seems to think there is something wrong with these people remaining virgins until they are married or for whatever reason they choose to hold onto to their v-card. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  7. says:

    And you are shocked based on what?

  8. says:

    Why is Lolo believable and the Williams sisters unbelievable?

  9. says:

    Her issue?? She wants to remain a virgin until marriage! Is there something wrong with that?

  10. says:

    Lolo is very opinionated which has caused some major problems for her in the past. It’s good she is waiting but i think and this is just me. She seems a little hard to get along with. Personality wise.

  11. says:

    Maybe she wants her pops to think shes pure (did her sister have her baby by one of the younger wayans yet) Angie Simmons

  12. says:

    Well if Taylor Lautner just can’t be…..wow, I still marry him #lovehim

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