Hollywood Hotties Holding The V-Card: It's Marriage Or Bust For These Stars Waiting For The One!

Hollywood Hotties Holding The V-Card: It’s Marriage Or Bust For These Stars Waiting For The One!

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Losing your v!rginity used to be a special moment between a couple that was just married. Couples would celebrate their love for each on their wedding night for the first time. Nowadays, more and more people are losing their v!rginity at a younger age. But some people are sticking to the old values and saving themselves for marriage (or want us to believe that they are). These are celebrities that are still holding that V-card, or led us to believe they were. Check out these Hollywood hotties who are abstaining from pre-marrital activities!

Tim Tebow

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Tim Tebow took the NFL by storm last season, when he became a hit with the Denver Broncos. He made his Christianity well-known and also the fact that he is a v!rgin still. His V-card was still intact when he began dating Camilla Belle, the actress/model. They recently broke up, but is his card still intact?

Jordin Sparks

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The American Idol winner jumped on board the purity ring bus back in 2008 at the age of 18 and said she was holding out for marriage. She is rocking the slimmer body now and a nice body at that. Do you think Jordin Sparks is holding true to the marriage stance now that she has a boyfriend (Jason Derulo)?

Serena and Venus Williams

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This is one we was shocked to read about. The Williams sisters are v!rgins? Well, they are claiming they are holding on to their Christian values and waiting for marriage, but does anyone out there actually believe that?

Lolo Jones

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The Olympic hurdler made big waves when she announced that she was still a v!rgin and holding out for marriage. She is not yet 30 years old and still waiting for that special guy. She is a gorgeous woman. What do you think the issue is?

Taylor Lautner

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So, if Taylor Lautner claims to be waiting for marriage to have sex then that means he never has to have sex with a women if he never gets married then, right? The Twilight star has battled gay rumors since he hit the Hollywood scene and remaining a v!rgin is a good way to keep that under wraps!

Taylor Swift

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She has never openly talked about it, but she has made it seem like she is a v!rgin. She has dated how many guys in Hollywood and she wants to claim to be a v!rgin? Maybe she isn’t putting out and that is why she goes through guys so fast!

Angela Simmons

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Angela Simmons is still claiming to be a v!rgin, even though Bow Wow has said that they slept together. Maybe it is to keep her Dad, Rev Run, happy?

Jonas Brothers

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When The Jonas Brothers were somewhat relevant (even though they are trying to make a comeback as I type this) they made big news when they said they were saving themselves for marriage and each of them wore purity rings. Well, the oldest one, Kevin, is now married and getting some from his wife, but the others are still single and the rings seem to be gone! Still v!rgins?

Julianne Hough

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Let’s get this one straight (and pun intended). Julianne Hough gave an interview back in 2008 that she was waiting for marriage to have sex. She is now dating Ryan Seacrest, who is probably happy to keep her a v!rgin since she is a woman! What do you think?

Selena Gomez

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2008 was the year everyone put on a purity ring and said v!rgins until marriage! Selena Gomez was one of them and she claimed to be holding out for marriage. The ring is gone and she has been dating Justin Bieber off-and-on for years, so do you think he got her to break that rule?

Dakota Fanning

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Some of you might be thinking, why is Dakota Fanning on this list? Well, she may be a child star, but she is 18 years old now and she has kept her word to her Mom and is still holding onto that V-card. A lot of child stars can’t say the same thing, so props to her!

A.C. Green

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This is something very rare in the NBA now, but former Los Angeles Lakers star A.C. Green entered the NBA as a bachelor and a v!rgin and retired from the league with his V-card intact! He is now married, works with kids, and talks about abstinence with his A.C. Green Youth Foundation.

Tina Fey

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She clearly is not a v!rgin anymore, since she has two children, but she did keep her v!rginity until she was 24 years old. She lost it to her husband, so she has slept with only one man. Tina Fey jokes that it was her Christian ways that kept her a v!rgin, or maybe that she was homely. Either way we love this woman!

Britney Spears

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Did anyone believe Britney Spears when she said she was still a v!rgin back in her teen days? I didn’t. She was dating Justin Timberlake…how could she not get some of that? Well, while she was claiming to be a v!rgin still, she was lying. Her Mom outed her in her autobiography and said she actually lost it when Britney was 14 years old to one of the football players in her high school. Shame, shame Britney!

  • currvalicious

    Well Angela Simmons is questionable. She used to date a guy in NY (who lived in the projects) and she’d always spend the night w/him there. This was back in ’06/’07 when they were still doing that reality show. Why spend the night in public housing complex, when you have a multimillion dollar mansion to go home to. Just sayin’ —that is all.

  • Man, Jamie Foxx said Sarena’s monkey is musty! Plus Common and Drake had a fight(a weak one) over her musty monkey! And doesn’t Venus have a baby?

  • MoTruth

    Jordin Sparks is a lying bytch, if she is claiming to be a virgin. She slept with that singer with the freckles, and sent texts to him about it….she likely is also screwing Derulo.

  • why is this unbelievable?

  • Why is it unbelievable that Venus and Serena are still virgins? StyleBlazer, exactly what are you getting at?

  • Crystal

    I’m a little taken aback by the fact that StyleBlazer seems to think there is something wrong with these people remaining virgins until they are married or for whatever reason they choose to hold onto to their v-card. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  • Trey

    And you are shocked based on what?

  • Trey

    Why is Lolo believable and the Williams sisters unbelievable?

  • Terrence

    Her issue?? She wants to remain a virgin until marriage! Is there something wrong with that?

  • Richard

    Lolo is very opinionated which has caused some major problems for her in the past. It’s good she is waiting but i think and this is just me. She seems a little hard to get along with. Personality wise.

  • Honest Lie

    Maybe she wants her pops to think shes pure (did her sister have her baby by one of the younger wayans yet) Angie Simmons

  • BamaChick256

    Well if Taylor Lautner just can’t be…..wow, I still marry him #lovehim

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