StyleBlazer Spotted: Kim K Does Casual Is She Back To Her Old Ways?

StyleBlazer Spotted: Kim K Does Casual (Is She Back To Her Old Ways?)

Photo Credit: WENN

 Kim K was recently spotted running about town in Beverly Hill, California.  It’s in our best guess that, like the rest of us, she was probably doing some last-minute shopping, she is human after all.  In any event, what really caught our eye was what she was wearing, or better yet, what she wasn’t wearing.  There was no leather pants, of-the-season bralet top or sartorially cheeky garbs.  Instead, she wore a simple destroyed jeans, blazer and heels– her uniform, if you will.  And it has come to our attention that she has been sporting said uniform with more frequency.  So, that begs the question, has Kanye given up on his reformation quest?  Has Kim relapse and slipped back into the familiar comfort of jeans and blazers?  Or perhaps this is her “model off duty” look?  We are not sure, but minus the jeans, we like it.  It’s simple and to the point, no muss, no fuss and au naturel.




Photo Credit: WENN

StyleBlazers, do you prefer a more causal Kim K?

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