6 Warm Weather Shoes To Cheat Old Man Winter. Plus Stockings & Socks To Pair Them With!

6 Warm Weather Shoes To Cheat Old Man Winter (Plus Stockings & Socks To Pair Them With!)

Photo: WENN

Somewhere, someone told women sandals and flats were meant to be worn in the spring and summer. We agree…to a certain extent. Our number one fashion rule is there are no fashion rules. If sandals, flats, peep-toe pumps and other skin-showing shoes weren’t produced in the fall and winter, then they would not be needed, but since they are, why not indulge in the trends? After all, no one said you had to wear boots everyday until 70 degree weather. If you have a fear of freezing your toes off, tights and socks are simple solutions.

Take a peek at our slideshow below to see how you can successful wear warm weather shoes this winter.


Though these glitter ankle socks won’t be able to keep the rest of your legs warm, they’ll look great peeking through these J. Crew jeweled t-strap ballet flats.