Eighty Nine More Counterfeit Websites Seized (The War On Counterfeit Designer Goods Rages On)

The war on counterfeit designer goods seems to be a never-ending battle, though not for lack of trying.  Approximately two years ago, federal authorities launched an investigation known as “In Our Sites,”  the purpose of which was to seize domain names of online counterfeiters.  “Project Cyber Monday,” an operation that is a part of the “In Our Site” investigation, recently seized 89 domain names.  According to WWD, federal authorities “seized 89 websites selling a wide range of counterfeit designer products, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin.”  About 90 percent of the 89 sites seized were said to have been operating, illegally, under Louis Vuitton domain names.  ” The list of domain names included: perfectlouisvuittonoutlet.com, louisvuittonisluxury.com and louisvuittononsale.com, guccioutlets2013.com and perfectchristianlouboutin.com”

The contents of the websites were removed and replaced with a banner that informs the public that a seizure of the site has taken place, as well as, an informative lesson about the federal crime of trafficking counterfeit goods.  These websites are “designed to entice shoppers looking to purchase well-known brand-name goods.  Consumers searching for branded products were often redirected to a host Web site, which authorities said was set up to dupe them into buying bogus goods.”  So it is important you do your due diligence when shopping online, because although 89 domain names have been seized, there are countless others out there that have yet to be caught.


StyleBlazers, how do you ensure you don’t fall victim to purchasing counterfeit designer goods online?

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