7 Product Picks For The Everyday Woman's New Year's Beauty Resolutions

7 Product Picks For The Everyday Woman’s New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

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It’s the time of year when we look back and reflect on our progress and shortcomings of the past year, and look to do better in the new year. And since we woman are all about boosting the health of our hair, skin and body, let’s talk about beauty resolutions! Regardless of where your focus is for bettering your beauty, we’ve got you covered on the products you need to get you there.


For clearer skin…

Proactiv 3-Step System

Bring it back to the basics with this 2% salicylic acid at-home treatment. Consistency is key when it comes to fighting acne, so make sure you follow a skin care regimen both day and night. (Be sure to check out skin care tips in your 20s, 30s, and 40s for more info.)


To diminish dark spots…

Alpha Hydroxy Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener

It’s the plight of the brown girl: you get a pimple, it goes away, you’re left with dark spots that take forever to get rid of. This treatment which contains both glycolic acid—which brightens and evens skin tone, and hydroquinone—which helps to fade dark spots, is quite effective in getting rid of the pesky culprits. However, the downside to any spot treatment is that the over the counter products tend to work best on “newer” spots, so a trip to the dermatologist might be necessary for older spots.