8 Natural Products To Help Give You Strong & Healthy Hair. Right At Home!

8 Natural Products To Help Give You Strong & Healthy Hair (Right At Home!)

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When it comes to good health, there are a number of home remedies that can be used to better our beauty regimens. Salt water is an old remedy used to sooth a sore throat, while sugar and water makes a good exfoliation scrub. But what about your hair? You might have heard about using eggs and mayonnaise, but what else can you use to make your hair strong and healthy? With many products being filled with chemicals that strips natural oils from the hair and dry it out, it’s becoming harder to find trusted products over the counter. So we’ve compiled a list of in-home hair remedies using everyday household foods and products for stronger and healthier hair. Whether your hair is dry, limp or damaged, you will be sure to find a remedy just for you.

Check out what they are!

Eggs can be used to condition hair. Egg whites, specifically, can be used to treat oily hair, while egg yolks moisturize dry hair.

Honey is also a good product to treat sun-damaged or dry hair.

We learned from celebrity hair stylist Rochelle Mosley that olive oil can be used as a moisturizer, but it can also be used to treat an itchy scalp when mixed with lemon juice.

Corn meal isn’t just used to make cornbread. It can also be used to remove oil and grease build up from the scalp.