Rumor Has It: Beyoncé To Cover ‘Vogue’ In March 2013

We’re hoping there’s some truth to this one! Rumor around the fashion water cooler is that Beyoncé will cover the March 2013 issue of Vogue! According to the New York Daily News, B and Annie Leibovitz wrapped the cover shoot last week, and the timing couldn’t be any better. Beyoncé will take the stage as the headliner for the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 3, and her autobiographical HBO documentary premieres on Feb. 16. The King has a new album slated for next year, and will drop new music early next year.

In hopes that this one is true, let’s take a look at Bey’s April 2009 Vogue cover. Fingers crossed for the BeyHive!

StyleBlazers, are you excited to see Beyonce grace Vogue in 2013?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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  1. says:

    Beyonce is very gorgeous young lady

  2. says:

    Hope so.I’m tired of seeing only Rihanna on their covers.

  3. says:

    Good for her. She’s been on the cover before, what’s the big deal?

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