5 New Year's Fashion Resolutions You Should Follow. Step 1: Retire The Bodycon...

5 New Year’s Fashion Resolutions You Should Follow (Step 1: Retire The Bodycon…)

A new year begins a clean fashion slate and rights any wrongs committed in the past year. So if your style had some (ahem) “down” fashion moments in 2012, fret not.  2012 is about to become a distant memory, and there are certain things we think every fashionista (or fashionista hopeful) need to take heed to in 2013. We made a list to take the work out of making resolutions—fashion-wise that is.

See what made the list!


1.Thou Shall Retire The Bodycon



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OK, maybe retiring the bodycon altogether may be a bit harsh, but let’s understand there’s more to fashion than having every inch of fabric clinging to your body all the time. So let’s talk more about balance. Why not mix your bodycon pieces with something edgy like a motorcycle jacket or combat boots? Or for every form-fitting outfit, throw in something slouchy.



2. Thou Shall Mix Prints

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Our fave StyleBlazer Solange Knowles has shown us time and time again how cool mixing prints can be. If you’re still on the fence about how to pull it off successfully, here are some quick tips:

1. Mix similar prints of a different color: black & white polka dots with red & white polka dots; classic leopard print with red leopard print, etc.

2. Mix different prints that have a color in common: black & white stripes with black & white dots