15 Celebrities Who Have Been Banned From Talk Shows

celebrities banned from talk shows

Talk shows can be home to some of the biggest talents on television. Just like any home, if the guests aren’t polite or courteous they can be banned in the blink of any eye.

Check out the 15 celebrities who have been banned from talk shows on the next pages…


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  1. says:

    I would have thought that Kathy Griffith would be banned since she’s not funny.

    • says:

      really…you would think by now she would realize that…..

    • says:

      Were it only her lack of talent and humor. The woman is as wretched and vile a sub-human pig as exists and the fastest way to have me quit watching an show or avoid having me watch is to have her involved in any capacity.

      • says:

        I am sure the studios will sit up and take notice, paul.

      • says:

        The fact that you have so much hatred for a woman you don’t even know makes you sound like a misogynistic jerk.

        • says:

          How is it I don’t know her? She’s a public figure who makes a living running her mouth about anything and everything feels like. Every time she opens her mouth and the diarrhea that compromise her thought and beliefs spill out we learn more about her.

          Fact is I know her all to well because she’s seen to it that we do and she’s a vile pig worthy of the contempt and scorn of every rational decent person.

          The world will be a better place the day after Kathy Griffith draws her last breath.

          • says:

            Take your meds, Paul.

          • says:

            You’re still sounding like a misogynist jerk, and you do not sound like a rational and decent person either. Rational, decent people do not wish physical harm on another person just because they disagree with their point of view. You are saying that you want Kathy Griffin to die just because you disagree with her opinions. The fact that you do not realize how irrational that sounds make me think you must be crazy! I don’t even know why I am wasting my time trying to reason with you, since you aren’t going to listen or believe me, but you are not exhibiting rational behavior by spewing so much hatred over Griffin.

          • says:

            Are you Kathy Griffin in disguise Roxie? Or maybe her publicist. Calling people crazy online and ranting is a sure way to make yourself look like a fool. Go back to playing Farmville until you learn how to act like an adult on the internet. Thanks!

          • says:

            Wow, if you actually believe you ‘know someone’ by what they put out in their public persona you really need a reality check.Do you honestly believe this bs you’re spewing or are you just in need of attention from strangers online?

        • says:

          He knows her public persona, what she puts out for the public. I also find her talentless and obnoxious. Her repeated personal shots against the Palin family, makes her a someone I would never waist my time watching. As to ” misogynistic jerk” you liberal feminist aren’t impressing anyone with you’re big words. Just say anti-women jerk next time. That way, Kathy Griffith supporters might understand.

          • says:

            David, “waste” isn’t too big a word for you. Is it?

          • says:

            You got me, I used the wrong spelling for one word out of 65. That misspelling however, does not change the fact that Roxie doesn’t make sense. She said “I don’t like Sarah Palin, but I would never verbally attack her as harshly as you attacked Griffin” But it is Griffin who attacks Palin and her family routinely. It is those vulgar attacks, that make many have such a low opinion of Griffin. As for myself, I will do a better job proof reading in the future. Thanks for pointing out the error.

          • says:

            You missed another one David, you used “you’re,” abbreviation for you are, instead of the correct term… “your.”

          • says:

            geez if you spin any harder you’re going to hurt yourself…..

          • says:

            Haha, I don’t know what is funnier. That you think you are insulting me by calling me a feminist, or that you think misogynistic is a big word. I am a feminist and I am a Kathy Griffin supporter. I am also in Grad School and gets straight A’s, so maybe you should think twice before assuming that someone who has a different point of view from you must be an idiot.

          • says:

            Roxie, who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself, hon’. you must be an idiot using your grades to try and make people feel inferior. Your witty rejoinder attempts give a bad name to us true feminists. Thank you.

          • says:

            Stay in your OWN lane…You don’t represent ALL feminists anymore than I would presume to. And you proved her point hon’…

          • says:

            Oh boo hoo. The poor brainfree (not a city in MA) Palin family deserves to be ridiculed. I wouldn’t put them in the same category (much to DS Sarah’s dismay as she really wants to be a star) but other dopes like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians are all ridiculed, why should they be special? Sarah says all sorts of dreadful, hateful, despicable things about so many other people, and then thinks she should be immune? Her stupidity and hate-mongering doesn’t make her exempt!

            BTW, so sorry your vocabulary is so limited.

          • says:

            Before castigating someone for what you perceive as being stupid and a hate monger, perhaps you should examine what you just wrote… YOUR stupidity and hate mongering.

          • says:

            KG fans can spell, but CAN sarah palin say the same?…(she can ask Russia if she gets stuck this time)

        • says:

          How would you feel if she constantly used the “N” word?

        • says:

          So if he has such hatred for a woman he doesn’t know, then the only possible reason is because she is a woman? Funny, I see plenty of comments online of people who hate male celebrities that they don’t know and I don’t see people accusing them of being misandrists. It’s kind of sexist how you jump to the “well it must be because of her gender” assumption when I highly doubt you’ve ever done that when a male celebrity is bashed online.

        • says:

          Man or woman, there is no “right” to be offensive on the airways. It is banned by the FCC. The airwaves are owned by the public.

      • says:

        Her humor might be crass, and at times too vulgar for my taste, but you can’t deny that she is funny and VERY talented. Did you ever see her do Celine Dion? I really enjoy her stand-up immensely. What is it that you really object to? I think she adds excitement to any talk show, and would be an asset to any she were on.

        • says:

          I have no problem with crass an vulgar humor, especially from those who aren’t afraid to poke fun at everyone equally including themselves a group in which she can’t be included

          It’s her repeated comments on social and political issues off stage upon which I’m judging her. She is typical of far to many hate filled radical left “entertainers” who spew venom and bile at anyone show dares to question their irrational orthodoxy.

          Her conduct wrt regards to Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol are well outside the scope of her role as entertainer and indicative of the wretched, corrupted and black-hearted soul she is at her core.

          • says:

            You do know that almost every comedian on the planet has targeted politicians. right? And not without reason, most are morons who SHOULD be made fun of. You are the hate-filled one, it’s obvious. Your right wings are showing.

          • says:

            Real comedians target politicians of all stripes, agitators and leftist hacks only attack one side, as Kathy Griffin does. Far to many entertainers these days hide behind their “art” and use it to spew their venom at people they don’t like … and Kathy Griffin is a prime example of one.

            And tell us now genius, when did Bristol Palin become a politician deserving of Griffin’s vile attacks? When did it become okay to attack the children of politicians?

            Sorry but it is your hate colored slip that is showing by trying to defend the reprehensible behavior of this leftist mouth piece …

            … not mine.

          • says:

            I will boycott any business that supports her on TV or radio. She constantly take the name of Jesus in vain, in violation of the Second Commandment. That is not entertainment of funny. It is very offensive to millions of Christians.

          • says:

            I don’t care for her at all, but what does taking the name of Jesus in vain have to do with the right to bear arms?

          • says:

            He said ‘COMMANDMENT’…not ‘AMENDMENT’!

          • says:

            Okay, I admit that I misread. Too little sleep. ;-)

          • says:

            What a retard.

          • says:

            You are a moron if you don’t under stand the difference between the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights. First read, then comprehend.

          • says:

            I already said that I misread. Excuuuuuuuusssssse me.

          • says:

            Way to turn the other cheek you good christian you. Her using Jesus’s name has nothing to do with anything other than you having issues with her using a name. Glad you are watching out for all us Christians.

          • says:

            Would she use the “N” word too? Or would she swear in the name of Muhamed, or Abraham, or Moses?
            Why should Christian bashing be an acceptable form of bigotry?

          • says:

            The point is don’t listen to her if you are offended. I don’t care what she says it doesn’t affect my life and how I live it. I have caught her on TV while flipping through channels but keep on going since she is not my style. I suggest you not get so caught up in how she lives and live your life Richard. Life is to short

          • says:

            I appreciate your sentiment, but I feel I should stand up for the N ame of God. wh en it is taken in vain. Should Christians be any less offended that Blacks at the “N” word, or G ays at the Queer word.

          • says:

            You seem to be lumping religion with derogatory phrases. I think God can stand up for himself. Judge not lest you be judged. You are not responsible for others behavior your only responsible for yours

          • says:

            I am referring to situations where the name of Jesus Christ is used as a swear word in violation of the Second Commandment, and the FCC rules on profanity.
            Yes, God can take care of Himself, but someone should be a man or a mensh and stand up for Him. I see no reason for bigotry from any quarter. It does no one any good. It is not inhe rited; it is learned.

          • says:

            Stop being a god damn brat. P.S. In case you were wondering, the capitalization, or in this case lack thereof, was just meant to further piss you off. Have a wonderful day! ;)

          • says:

            Jesus Christ Richard! RELAX!
            Please do NOT think you can speak for anyone other than yourself. MY God and Savior has a great sense of humor…I’m sure He gets a kick out of KG.
            And to prove his humor even more…He created YOU!

          • says:

            I do not know who “Your God and savior” is. However, I believe God deserves respect and worship. The Ten Commandments He handed down to Moses were just that Commandments, not suggestions for people to follow if it did not cramp their lifestyle.
            Do some serious reading i.e. take a course in Philo 101 and you will see what I am talking about.
            Stupid name calling does not change the truth of an argument; it only identifies you for what you are.
            Grow up.

          • says:

            Richie, Richie, Richie…Ive studied Philosophy and Theology (and yes, The Bible) for more years than I care to say. I certainly dont need lessons from you.
            My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ.
            I believe in the Commandments, but my educated interpretation seems different from your’s. And guess what? That’s ok! :)
            One of the things Ive become very well versed in and practice is; “judge not lest ye be judged”. Seems to me you missed that part.
            I also RESPECT other’s opinions and dont try to shove my religeous beliefs down anyone’s throat…you and I are different in that way.
            Maybe you need to stop thumping your Bible and actually study its meanings? Just a suggestion.
            Have a great day!

          • says:


          • says:

            So is molesting children. Don’t hear anything from the “Christians” about that…And you don’t represent millions of Christians….

          • says:

            the jews control Hollywood, they love to take cheap shots at catholics. a lot of no talent celebs. make it because their jewish.

          • says:

            I’m sorry Richard, but as a Christian myself, I can only laugh at the obsurdity of your comment!

          • says:

            I’m sorry too, for you and your problem.

          • says:

            You must be very young. When did it become okay to attack children of politicians? Don’t you remember Chelsea Clinton being attached because of her looks by the right? At least Bristol Palin was attached for things she did, and if she had any control, would not have done.

          • says:

            Just what were they “attached” to, Pat?

          • says:

            um,you mean ‘attacked’,not ‘attached’,huh?

          • says:

            you spelled ‘attack’ right the first time…The second and third time, you spelled it attached…

          • says:

            Bristol wasn’t attacked! But you can’t seriously pitch ME your upright “family standards” as superior, when your own teenage daughter is busy getting knocked up! And Chelsea got her degree,AND kept her pants ON! Did you miss that?

          • says:

            “When did it become okay to attack the children of politicians?” I guess when Rush Limbaugh started in on Chelsea Clinton.

          • says:

            Who’s Rush Limbaugh?

          • says:

            1992: Chelsea Clinton. see: everyone.

          • says:

            So…it’s safe to assume Victoria Jackson is not a real comedian…

          • says:

            I believe KG is an Independent- but Bristol was fair game b/c the Palins were trying to sell their “lifestyle” as wholesome and morally correct.Knocked up teenaged mothers aren’t the ideal in MY neighborhood-so if you prefer that, KEEP it in yours!

          • says:

            HA! as opposed to Right-wingers who need no excuse like trying to be funny (never are) to be as loathsome & racist & ‘my way or the highway’ vile as they have clearly been in recent years while destoying this nations middle clas..

          • says:

            Why are you still alive?

          • says:

            Oh come on – those three nitwits seek out the publicity, then cry foul when people make fun of their idiotic comments and lack of intelligence. Why conservatives eat up their lunacy does not speak well of them either.

        • says:

          I’m with you, Laurie.

          And I’m proof that the stereotype she jokingly promotes about how all her male fans are gay isn’t true, because I’m straight and I think she’s hilarious.

          • says:

            Also what happened to “freedom of speech” in America. I guess Americans now have to get “approval” to speak their mind! “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to death the right for you to say it”. All of this is forgotten.

          • says:

            No one is taking away her right to speak, the complaint is that she is very critical of anyone who does not agree with her world view, and as a result of that, she is really not funny.
            Rude, shock jock, sure, but funny…well. I saw her live, it was like watching MSNBC and Bill Maher rant on how they hate anyone who does not agree with them.
            The free market does not mean she has the RIGHT to get on these shows, only that she has the right to speak. Grasping a fact now and then helps.

          • says:

            If you didn’t know, Kathy Griffins is Gay….

          • says:

            LOL… no she isn’t.

        • says:

          One of the many things that I object to is the way she talks about Jesus

      • says:

        She isn’t a comedian, she’s a bully.

        • says:

          Indeed that’s precisely what she is and the only people who can’t see her for what she is are the fringe left who love anyone willing to act as a bully on behalf of their half baked views … as Kathy Griffin does.

          • says:

            How come you right wingers have to take everything so seriously? If you don’t like Kathy Griffin, then just ignore her and move on with your life. I don’t like Sarah Palin, but I would never verbally attack her as harshly as you attacked Griffin. I can be an adult about it and choose not to listen to what Palin has to say. You obviously can’t do the same for Griffin, which makes you seem immature and hateful towards women.

          • says:

            I’m not a right winger, however I don’t care for Kathy Griffins “low-class” and vulgar comedy, she makes Joan Rivers look like Mother Teresa. Lol!

          • says:

            Plus, if anyone is a bully, it’s Palin.

          • says:

            You must really be a pus$y.

          • says:

            Do us all a favor and dry up and blow away.

          • says:

            What a hater you are. Kick puppies don’t you.

          • says:

            But Griffin is a khunt.

      • says:

        I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve always found her amusing, although I haven’t seen her on much of anything besides Suddenly Susan.

        • says:

          It’s not her routine, it’s her countless hateful, mean and vulgar comments directed at people she disagrees with politically made during her public activism activities and interviews about her personal causes that reveal who she is as person – which is a caustic, venomous, bile-spewing, hate-filled, left-wing bomb thrower who like far to many of her cowardly Hollywood peers tries to hide behind her “art” when she gets called out for her malicious and malevolent behavior.

    • says:

      Her name is Kathy Griffin, not Griffith, and if you are a straight man, and I am assuming you are, you are not Griffin’s intended audience. Her humor is oriented towards women and gay people. If you fall outside those categories, then it is not very likely to appeal to you. She has even been known to acknowledge this fact.

      • says:

        So she is a bigot.

      • says:

        I disagree!

        Funny is funny… I’m a straight man, and I can see that Kathy is funny, full stop.

        Now if I were a right-wing, fundamentalist, homophobic straight man, I probably wouldn’t find her funny, but I’m not, so I can appreciate her humor.

        • says:

          I didn’t mean to offend you. I meant that she doesn’t appeal to most straight men, but of course there are exceptions.

          • says:

            Oh, I wasn’t offended, I was just cheerfully and enthusiastically sharing my appreciation of Kathy’s humor.

            Kathy herself plays up her popularity with gay men, so I know what you said isn’t outside of the box or anything.

          • says:

            While she is a little crude for me sometimes (I’m okay with crude humor so long as it builds to a joke. Being crude just to be crude doesn’t entertain me) I do enjoy a lot of what she does and I’m a heterosexual man. I just didn’t like what you said above about how if someone disliked her then it must be because she is a woman. Each person has their own likes and dislikes and people often voice their displeasure against celebrities personally regardless of gender.

      • says:

        nobody cares what her name is… she’s lame, unfunny, and physically revolting.

    • says:

      Kathy is very funny and talented.

  2. says:

    Where is Crispin Glover? He was one of the few I knew were banned and he isn’t even on the list.

  3. says:

    Does anyone ever proofread anymore? And it takes more than just running a spell checker. Some of the sentences are not understandable at all.

    • says:

      TOTALLY. Who is getting paid for this total crap??!

    • says:

      Good point! If you think this is bad, you should go on youtube and read some of the sentences on there. It is amazing to me that people do not even punctuate anymore. That drives me crazy. I’m not sure if it’s just outdated now, or if people just don’t know how??

      • says:

        The answer is, they don’t know how to. Public schools have dumb downed this nation to the point of no return. We are now a third world country, with everything that comes with it. The nations that are beating us on education, don’t invite poor uneducated people into their country. We do. Try immigrating into Japan or S. Korea from a poor country, good luck.
        Our government Brings them over and gives them welfare. Can you say Boston bomber family. We need to start looking out for what is in our Nations best interest. This isn’t the1800’s we don’t need millions of people to work farms and work in textile mills. Legal immigrants who are worthy of this country, yes, what we have now no.

  4. says:

    Stern’s a real douchebag IMO, he treated Jon Melendez like garbage and Leno gave him a much better offer.

    • says:

      Stern tries to be Mr. Obnoxious whereever he goes, that’s his schtick. When Carson retired, everytime Leno had him on he’d keep dropping Letterman’s name and mock Leno. It was funny once but got tiresome quick.

    • says:

      Melendez irritates me because he’s not very well spoken. He sounds too uneducated to be on TV.

    • says:

      Yeah and Stuttering Jon’s fame was due to what? His exposure on Howard Stern. Howard was pissed at Jay because he didn’t have the balls to ask him about poaching someone from his staff. We see how well Jon has done after Jay back stabbed him

  5. says:

    Anyone who is a constant irritant to priss morgan as Madonna apparently is, is OK by me, and judging from his dismal ratings in the US and England, I am not alone in this.

  6. says:

    OK Conan, you failed on the Tonight Show all by yourself. Even years of prior knowledge and prep didn’t overcome it. You sucked ok? You made a lot of money for running away and still have your own B show…and you’re blaming Jay? You’re a parody of yourself.

    • says:

      Right on. All Conan would have had to do was move his show back half an hour to midnight to help NBC out of a jam and the tonight show would have been all his in a few years. Instead he got his panties in a wad and stomped off to well-deserved obscurity.

    • says:

      nbc never gave conan a chance. during his tenure as host he had the lowest rated lead-in in nbc history, namely the jay leno show at 10pm, a show so lowly rated many local news affiliates pleaded with nbc for its cancellation cuz it was killing their news broadcast ratings and in turn conan’s. ultimately the decision was about money, and leno’s refusal to walk away from it and since his contract cost more to buy him out than conan’s, they bought out conan to avoid an even more expensive lawsuit that conan and his staff would have filed.

      • says:

        If I remember correctly, the 10 PM Jay Leno show was forced on Jay and was not a lead in to anything except the 11 PM news shows. Jay now has the same lead in, the 11PM news shows and is still on top of the game. O’Brian always has blamed everyone except himself. The fact is he failed as a host of The Tonight Show because he has much less talent than Jay but yet he continues to blame everyone but himself.

        • says:

          Jay was asked to go, agreed to, then came back as soon as they waved a stack of $$$$ at him. He was already filthy rich, but his word is worth NOTHING!!! He also knew Carson had picked Letterman to succeed him, and let his producers go in a strong arm Leno into the slot. If a “friend” does what Leno consistently does, we’d rename him “A DOUCHEBAG” and walk away from him.

    • says:

      Conan stinks.

    • says:

      If only Conan weren’t funnier than Jay ever was on his best day. Oh wait, he is….consistently.

      • says:

        Disagree, disagree, Conan is more annoying than funny. Jay has talent. He doesn’t need to stare straight into the camera and flip his hair around, because he has no jokes, and expect everyone to laugh.

      • says:

        I never found Conan the least bit funny on stage. He may have been a terrific writer but he doesn’t have any stage presence or timing.

    • says:

      Amazing stuff I am reading here. What I think is that everyone needs is to get a life, plant a garden, cut some wood, clean their house, raise their children, achieve higher education, start a hobby….if this is your hobby ….geez people… otherwise, who cares?

  7. says:

    priss morgan gargles too many cucumbers. not much more to say about the lad.

  8. says:

    fanny cooper gargles lots of cucumbers as well as priss morgan. does he think he’s oh-so better than the Kardashians? Is he some kind of a het ero-pho be ra cist?

  9. says:

    I just wish that BobCat lit the chair Mr Leno was sitiing in, everything would have been forgiven…

  10. says:

    The only ones that I’m in TOTAL agreement with are Howard and Conan banning Leno. Leno is a douche and EVERYONE knows it. He stole the “man on the street” bit from Howard and we all know that he stole the Tonight Show from Conan. Leno is a NO TALENT hack. Howard was also correct in banning Busey. He is self-destructive and dangerous to his (Stern’s) staff.

    I also agree with Anderson Cooper. I’ve always liked him…But his banning of ANY and ALL things Kardashian, makes me admire him even more.

    • says:

      Well, man in the street was done by Steve Allen years before Howard, so Howard stole it first then blames Leno. What a laugh!

    • says:

      Oh please, is Howard Stern the only person allowed to interview people on the street? Is the idea really that original? And why does everyone love to beat up on Jay Leno? Why is he blamed for decisions that to me appear network driven by ratings? I just don’t get it. He didn’t “steal” anything from anyone. The best gigs go to those who bring in ratings. Nobody ever beat up on Johnny Carson, who, from what I understand, was not a nice person. Jay seems to me to be a very humble, decent kind of a guy.
      I personally feel there was a lot of jealousy from Jay’s having gotten the Johnny spot. And Stern should complain – he gets more money than God. Jay came from a working class background. Conan was a spoiled little rich kid, and he’s still a self-obsessed whiny thing who just feels entitled.

  11. says:

    Kathy Griffin was on Letterman on 11/5/13, just a few days ago as this was written, so apparently she’s not banned.

    • says:

      she was also on the View, so apparently they don’t have their information.

      • says:

        She was banned by Barbara Walters on the View; but they rescinded the ban. People apparently found that Elizabeth Haselbeck more offensive than Kathy.

        • says:

          Hasselback and her defenders obv don’t realize that having different political views (i.e being a Republican) is considered repugnant and unforgivable, whereas being vulgar and lacking any sense of decency is actually applauded (Griffin).

  12. says:

    Many if not most of these folks have been on Ferguson, guess he’s the least douchey of the talkshow hosts (and/or can go toe to toe with the best/worst guests).

    ps: I wouldn’t piss on Piers Morgan if he was on fire.

  13. says:

    On Joan Rivers, Carson didn’t ban you because you started a rival talk show, he was your friend and mentor and you were the guest host when he went on vacations. Knowing all that, the first he heard of your new show was when it was announced in the press. You didn’t have the decency to tell him.

    • says:

      Big deal. Carson wasn’t her boss. She didn’t have to tell him anything.

    • says:

      Carson hired Rivers as his ‘permanent’ guest host because she was funny and at the same time was no threat to taking his job. It was small minded of him to think she would be content to play 2nd fiddle to him until he retired. Also that was Carson’s ban – Leno, O’Brien, and Fallon have no reason to be bound to it.

  14. says:

    Talk shows to me are nothing but waste of time. Who gets banned and who is in them makes no difference. Got better things to do in life.

  15. says:

    “Hey man. we just DID the Ed sullivan show!”

  16. says:

    Who watches Piers Morgan anyway. He is abrasive and his program needs to be cut short.

  17. says:

    Not one of the talk show hosts (especially Piers Morgan) makes a wart on a hogs butt. Also, who thinks any of the celebrities (?) would make the second wart on a hogs butt? Much ado about nothing.

  18. says:

    Every time I see this D lister on a show I immediately change the channel. She has no talent beyond being vulgar. She has ruined Anderson Cooper’s reputation and seriously damaged his credibility with her appearances on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Show. I don’t understand why he doesn’t get she is a parasite on his family including his famous mother. If she shows up again on CNN this New Years Eve I will find something/anything else to watch. Catch a Clue Anderson. She is taking you down to her level which is way below the D list.

    • says:

      If you think Kathy Griffin has no talent, then you, obviously, are a poor critic of comedic talent. I do agree with you, however, about the New Year’s Eve thing – too tasteless to be funny.

    • says:

      Actually, Kathy’s career (and Anderson’s) are in full swing and they are at the TOP of their game. .. but haters will hate, you can’t confuse them with facts. And I never USED to like Kathy till I actually listened to her, she is freakin’ hilarious, with major talent in her comic timing. Crass and sometimes vulgar, yes, but so was Eddie Murphy in his day and his career hasn’t been hurting.

  19. says:

    In Busey’s defense the guy lost a chunk of his skull and suffered permanent brain damage from a horrific motorcycle accident. I like many had him as the but of jokes for years til I found that out. Now , now giving him a hard time for being odd is no different than a schoolyard bully that picks on an autistic kid. The guy was a well regarded and oscar nominated fairly level headed actor pre wreck. It just seems ignorant that the world shits on him without the slightest clue as to why he is a shell of himself.

    • says:

      Gary Busey is an advertisement for motorcycle helmets.

    • says:

      Same thing happened to my brother who now has a titanium plate in his head. He’s not as whacko as Busey, but he sure isn’t the same as before.

    • says:

      Busey was a jerk long before his accident! Never could stand him.

    • says:

      When it first happened (after he was somewhat better) , he came on the Tonight Show with a helmet. Sat down, with the helmet on his lap. When he got some kind of question about the helmet… he reached behind the couch he was sitting on, pulled out a sledge hammer, placed the helmet on the floor and started to beat the crap out of the helmet. When he finished demolishing it, he told the host (Johnny Carson? or Jay Leno?) that the helmet was a joke. That the helmet wouldn’t have made his injury any less as harmful. A few years later, he came back to the Tonight Show and apologized for his ranting, and stupidity. And yes, he DOES wear a helmet :)

      • says:

        How did he come back to the Tonight Show if he had been banned? You mean there is a journalistic error in an internet article?!

        • says:

          lol surely not! lol An error online? Anyway :) I just remember watching the two shows and thinking that he must have had more injuries than was reported which if you look at him now, seems to be correct. I was always a fan of his so this is heartbreaking to me.

    • says:

      I hughly doubt the medical community would agree with Busey that a motorcycle accident,even with serious brain injury would cause multiple personality disorder.what a cop-out.He actually was a nut job before the accident,just not quite as out there.If watched closely you can tell a lot of his antics seem put on & he’s much more in control than he seems.More like the accident gave him a leeway to act out.

      • says:

        Head injuries like his CAN and do cause a lost of impulse control in a lot of victims. Have some compassion and for thought when commenting negatively on something your ignorant of.

        • says:

          Considering I am a mother to & care 24/7 for someone with TBI I’d say its YOU who is way out of line.As well as I know someone who endures the diagnosis of true disassociative identity disorder,which,fyi,is the current correct medical term for multiple personality disorder.Until YOU know what you’re talking about perhaps you’d best keep it down calling others ignorant.What I said was neither ignorant or negative-it was the truth.And anyone who knew of GB before his accident can attest to how he behaved then compared to now….the only difference NOW being its abtics are more exaggerated.Go educate yourself on him & TBI before spewing your hate please-

          • says:

            You are definitely the ridiculous one here raven. Correcting someone who says mpd over did is like correcting your and you’re on the internet. You admit that this can happen but say that in this instance it is a cop out? why because you are friends with busey or because you educated yourself on the interweb?

          • says:

            wth are you talking about???Clearly you didn’t comprehend ,as this lil rant of yours is nothing like what I said.The poster replied & I went a lil further with explaining why my comment was as it was.Perhaps you just like to argue—

          • says:

            Since only Gary Busey’s physicians know the truth about his conditions more than anyone, especially because the last person to know there is true injury of the brain either through organic trauma, physical trauma, disease or defect, the patient is the last to know. He can only describe the symptoms. It usually takes a team of doctors,i.e. psychologists, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons (possibly) internists and psycho- pharmacologists to analyze all test results, data such as CT’s and MRI’s with contrast dye to see blood flow and arterial spread amonst just a few things, a PET scan.That would be the multi-color mapping program of his entire body and particularly his brain, but most definitely sensory tests,showing him various imaging to see the various parts of his brain, lighting up in various color, to show where his “censors” are. Hard to explain. I’m not a very good Neurologist intern to give such laymen’s terms. But, I am sure that you have heard of these types of tests to comprehend what I am referring to. But, having an organic brain injury to my frontal lobe and being told my whole life that I have poor impulse control and that’s where my ADHD symptom of poor attention span comes from, when scientists say it involves the whole brain… well who is right here? I am the patient. I can function quite well without speed drugs to “calm” me. I do talk a lot, but I also have a lot to say because I am bombarded with unanswered questions. It doesn’t mean that I am stupid in any form or fashion. So, for anyone to commercialize or make a profit on the idea of mental disease or defect or simply stated Traumatic brain Injury, is a butt on the face of humanity, no matter their status. I don’t know Gary Busey or his family, I take it that none of you good people do either, so make good of yourselves and stop arguing over something none of you know personally because none of you have Traumatic Brain Injury or are Gary Busey.

          • says:


          • says:

            “Correcting someone who says mpd over did is like correcting your and you’re on the internet.”
            Not analogous at all. MPD and TDI are two terms for the same thing; your and you’re two completely different words.

          • says:

            Still, it is a good idea to wear a helmet. Can you admit that much?

      • says:

        I don’t remember it that way.

    • says:

      And Trump exploits it. Can’t stand that POS.

    • says:

      You are so right Toivo, I am upset when he is USED for comedic relief when the guy can’t help it. We should all make this known when it happens, via tweets, FB or comments pages. Really awfull for anyone to make fun of someone with an affliction.

  20. says:

    Who watches Piers Morgan anyway. He is abrasive and his program needs to be cut short.

  21. says:

    This is wrong. I just watched her on The View a few weeks ago.

  22. says:

    They should all be banned from Hollyland and discarded into a trash can

  23. says:

    I find it hilarious that a majority of these “bannings” involve Piers Morgan. Because of his gross ignorance of all things American and his left-wing lunacy his show is about to be banned itself.

    • says:

      Who or what is Piers Morgan? I have a few people banned from my talk show (that is if I had one) which is just as relevant.

  24. says:

    Would somebody please tell me who the Kardashians are and what they do? I see the name every day but it’s never about anything. Seeing them lined up like this makes me wonder, are they the current version of the Gabors? Famous for being famous, but not much else. Oh yes, and brunette instead of blonde.

    • says:

      This goes wayyyy back, kiddies…The Kards are our 21st century equivalent of the Gabor sisters; clowns, famous for nothing, frequent guests on the Mike Douglas Show. (I lived in Philadelphia when the Mike Douglas Show was LIVE on Chestnut Street, where Temple University Center City used to be.)

      • says:

        no way u r so wrong, I mean I hear ya about them being super rich but they didn’t stick in the publics face, u didn’t see the houses they had or the butlers, but one of them, can’t remember which, was on green acres and did a fabulous job of making fun of herself!!

  25. says:

    Howard accusing anyone of stealing material makes him an A1 hypocrite. Just ask Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl.

  26. says:

    Hi, All. Help me on this…wasn’t Carson’s earliest guest ban upon the luridly compelling personality Christine Jorgensen?

  27. says:

    They don’t share the spotlight with anyone.They’re lucky they don’t have to promote movies.

  28. says:

    Jay Leno is a boring old hack! His “jokes” have followed the same, TEDIOUS formula for over 20 non-humorous years: Person(A)+New event(B)+Tie in to past event(C)= CANNED LAUGHTER AND YAWNS!!!

  29. says:

    There are two dudes whom I am surprised did not make the list.
    One is Joaquim Phoenix.
    I don’t remember the other dude’s name – he played Marty McFly’s father on “Back to the Future”. This dude scared the crap out of Letterman in a “Busey-type” appearance on Letterman’s show.

    • says:

      Crispin Glover

    • says:

      When Joaquin Phoenix appeared on the Letterman show and didn’t speak, he was actually doing a “character,” from a “Reality” show. He was spoofing the whole idea of “Reality” shows, because he can’t believe people take them seriously.

  30. says:

    Find myself wondering why the media has made some of these people into Celebrities!

  31. says:

    I can’t believe Marilyn Manson is not on this list. Anyone catch him on The Talking Dead?

  32. says:

    Yes, these are some truly obnoxious, annoying people.

  33. says:

    There are dozens of celebrities that are banned from my TV because it irritates me that these people are celebrities. There’s too many to list so don’t ask. I’m very grateful for the wireless remote. All advertisements are banned from my TV as well. I’m very grateful for the DVR with its fast forward feature.

  34. says:

    Imagine the fat pig O’Donnell banning anyone? How long did each of her shows last? Not very long if I remember, Even Winfrey gave her a chance and she failed. O’Donnell is boring, boorish and is not funny. That is why she has failed over and over again. Actually when she first started on her first show I kind of liked her but as time went on she became a mean spirited person. Who wants to watch that?

    • says:

      She failed over and over again? As I remember, she left her show of her own accord to raise her children. You are being extremely mean spirited by commenting on this well-groomed, attractive woman’s appearance in such a negative way. Shame on your parents for how they raised you!! I don’t know how you could possibly say she is boring. I think she is so interesting, and it speaks to her intelligence that she has OPINIONS.

    • says:

      Funny, I really liked her show and she has some excellent opinions. OTOH, I though OWN totally mishandled it and ran shows off schedule. I TiVod some of them but never got the right ones. I never found her mean spirited. But then, seeing your wording, I realize that it is you who is mean-spirited and rude and porcine.

  35. says:

    piers morgan is banned from ever appearing on my tv. …..he (she?) is the very definition of political correctness run amuck.

  36. says:

    Well, lets see, I can’t stand THE VIEW, THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JAY LENO or DAVID LETTERMAN. But I love Kathy Griffin. So I will still watch her, and not the rest!

  37. says:

    kathy griffin has appeared on all of these shows in 2013, with the exception of ellen (ellen has NO sense of humor!)

  38. says:

    kathy has appeared on all of these shows in 2013, with the exception of the UN-funny and humorless Ellen.

  39. says:

    why has jay leno “banned” joan?

    • says:

      Joan was in the “let’s beat up on Jay Leno,” camp, along with Howard Stern. That’s why he would have banned them.

  40. says:

    Some of these are D list wannabes who are unlikely to be invited to talk shows. And, really, ban or no ban, talk show hosts leap at the chance to host Madonna or any Kardashian.

  41. says:

    Getting banned from a Piers Morgan show is like getting banned from speaking at an Iranian University commencement speech. I would call that a badge of honor.

  42. says:

    That lowers my already low opinion of Conan O’Brien. Leno did not have a thing to do with O’Brien losing his Tonight Show spot. CRAPPY ratings had everything to do with it. Really small O’Brien

  43. says:

    So, Conan, Piers, Rosie and Stern, shows with VERY SMALL audiences are the “hosts” who have the biggest “ban” list. Sounds like small potatoes to me.

  44. says:

    The Kardashians are not a good example for young girls. I wish the Kardashias would take their 15 mins. of fame and go away.

    • says:

      I dont like them either, but I wouldnt call it 15 minutes of fame. It has been several years now, and they’re still here (not saying thats a good thing)

  45. says:

    I wish they would universally ban bruce willis, what a spoiled brat he is, gave that BBC reporter a bad time just because he doesn’t find interviews “fun”, poor baby

    • says:

      he made two little boys called “Little Ant and Dec” cry when he was there too. They are GB’s famous little interviewers and he was straight mean to them. I was shocked to hear that.

  46. says:

    My daughter worked as a desk clerk in a well-known hotel chain and had the displeasure of dealing with Gary Busey. He was a real jerk, rude to everyone and smoked in his room; the fine wasn’t big enough to deter him.

  47. says:

    90% of this article is old, old news that has been superseded by events. The title referred to celebs “who won’t be asked back” when the article is actually about celebs who have at some time (usually briefly) been disinvited. Most of the celebs mentioned HAVE been asked back, and appear regularly. Way too many clicks for too little current information.

  48. says:

    You guys need an editor. The atrocious use of grammar in this article makes it hard to read.

  49. says:

    Artie Lange must have incriminating photos of any show host who would have him on. He is the most humorless alledged “comedian”I’ve ever seen. Carrot Top is Richard Pryor compared to this mess.

  50. says:

    I believe that being banned from the Piers Morgan Show is rather the same as being banned from a filthy public toilet. I mean, who cares?

  51. says:

    Conan Obrien’s sour-grape case that because he lost his gig on the Tonight Show to Jay Leno proves that Obrien is a cry-baby and of course we all know that “who thinks Obrien is funny???Why Obrien, of course.

  52. says:

    Kathy Griffin – If I had a talk show, she would be first on my Banned List.

  53. says:

    Who DOESN’T describe Madonna as “an irritant in my life”?!?!

  54. says:

    Why would anyone want any of those people as guests anyway?

  55. says:

    Kathy Griffith is on Letterman at least every year

  56. says:

    Vajazzle us, Kathy! Let the little people stew in their funk.

  57. says:

    they totally blew it by not including Crispin Glover getting kicked off Letterman mid-show. He almost kicked Letterman in the face, missing him by millimeters. He must have been high on something. You can see it on youtube.

  58. says:

    No mention of Crispin Glover on Letterman !?!?!?!?!?
    Bizarre !!!

  59. says:

    Piers Morgan is actually correct for once??

  60. says:

    Why let someone who does not make a difference in your life bug you so much.

  61. says:

    So it was Jay fault that Conan couldn’t keep the ratings up?

  62. says:

    I’m sure Madonna is upset that the 3 people who watch Piers Morgan every night ( actually he’s taken Larry Kings numbers of just under 1 million to 200,000) won’t be able to see her on that sinking ship of a show,

  63. says:

    I’ve never been a Madonna fan, but anyone who can be an irritant in Piers Morgan’s life is OK with me.

  64. says:

    Kathy Griffin was on The View not too long ago, so I don’t think she was banned forever….

  65. says:

    I don’t watch or listen to anything this foul mouth has to say and don’t know why anyone wants her on anything!.

  66. says:

    How bout we pan Piers Morgan from America.

  67. says:

    I like Madonna but Piers Morgan is an A hole – I don’t know why he is allowed on American television….the U.K. media all banned him for fabricating stories and making up news until he had to leave that country to get a job over here and now he is back up to his old tricks of making up stories and telling lies again.. I guess that depends on who you lie about if you want to keep your job

  68. says:

    I never thought it possible that I could ever agree with Piers Morgan on anything, but i was wrong. His opinion of Howie Mandel’s comedy is right on.

  69. says:

    Kelsey Grammar. Good for him, that guy keeps getting more and more respectable

  70. says:

    I thought Andy D i ck would be here for sure.

  71. says:

    Piers Morgan is a long-winded idiot anyway.

    Here’s people who should be banned: Justin Bieber, Sandra Bullock, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, all the Jonas brothers, the current cast of SNL, and former President George Bush.

  72. says:

    Leno is a freakin’ douche who will NEVER change. I wonder how many months he’ll give Jimmy Fallon before he stabs HIM in the back as well…

  73. says:

    I saw Gilbert Gottfried last week in NYC. I was so disappointed. He was absolutely awful. Very sad considering I was just a big fan of his.

  74. says:

    central theme is a lot of people get banned from Morgans show. Perhaps its not the guests but Pierce who is the ahole?

  75. says:

    Kathy Griffin is not banned from Leno… I was at a recent taping and she was the guest!

  76. says:

    With PM I could understand why KG would be pissed

  77. says:

    This article is full of lies. Howard IS NOT banned from The Tonight Show. Jay still BEGS him for forgiveness and has begged Howard to appear.

    Howard has banned Jay and publicly said he wants nothing to do with Jay.

    Howard has never said NBC threatened him or asked him to tone it down. They have been ON his show and said “Say what you have to say”.

    Howard HAS NOT toned it down. He and David Letterman tore Jay a new butthole during Howard’s Birthday Bash.

    One of the reasons Jay got fired this time was because NBC was showing loyalty to Howard over Jay.

  78. says:

    Who’s “Conan O’Brien?”

  79. says:

    Funny how the loser Conan stabbed Jay in the back and then turns around and blames him. Typical liberal democrat. The ratings told the story though and in the ratings Conan was the loser he always was.

  80. says:

    What network is it that the loser Conan is on now.

  81. says:

    It would seem like being banned from appearing on Piers Morgan’s show would be an honor. Just as Kelsey Grammer said, the banning is “inconsequential.

  82. says:

    Stern wasn’t banned from The Tonight Show. NBC asked if he wanted to go on The Tonight Show and Stern said no. But Jimmy Fallon’s been on Stern’s show, and when he takes over, not only will Stern show up, but Conan O’Brien might as well.

    Leno has thrown away a lot of friendships just to squeeze every last dime out of the situation, most of which he will never ever use.

  83. says:

    he was in a terrible motorcycle accident many years ago that left him with brain damage.

  84. says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Madonna, but Piers Morgan is an “empty suite” if there ever was one. He’s lucky he’s not serving time in the UK for his role in the hacking scandal over there. He left the country just in time. Has he ever been back to the UK to face his due? I don’t think so

  85. says:

    Pierce Morgan…. Does anyone care about him? Can we send him back home to England?

  86. says:

    Only brain dead Liberals watch talk shows anyway!

  87. says:

    Morgan should be banned from earth.

  88. says:

    Thanks for the ban. It saves me the effort of changing the channel whenever I happen to see this sorry POS (Kathy Griffin).

  89. says:

    I never wear a helmet,but I always ride with a totally defensive atitude. 50 years no wrecks. never relax. always believe that car is not going to see or respect you.please check out my free energy concept @patthepilot. palinepittsburgh, I am from wilkinsburg.I came down route 66 to seek my fame in 1961. I am now 73 and am world famous for towing a water skier with an airplane on “thats incrediable” in 1980. I coined the term magnetic motor in 1983. love and respect pat the pilot……

  90. says:

    The Kartrashians should be banned from all TV. Why does anyone care about these brain dead dolts. What have they ever done? Spuzz buckets all of them

  91. says:

    Kathy Griffin has returned to all of the shows listed except Ellen because Ellen has NO sense of humor!

  92. says:

    Something I can finally agree with Piers Morgan about: Madonna is a huge irritant in the arse

  93. says:

    Sounds like Piers Morgan is trying to make himself relevant by banning all these people from his show. Somehow it makes him feel important. But Kelsey Grammar is right… he is inconsequential..

  94. says:

    Awww. Conan bars Leno. Conan Who wants to appear on TV in the cable boondocks where I am told Conan has a “show.” Awww. Now I too am banned by Conan. I am heartbroken :)

  95. says:

    Can I ban Pier Morgan?

  96. says:

    Katie Hopkins should be banned from talk shows…and breathing!

  97. says:

    I love the smell of Libidiot intolerance in the morning…

    The Gaystapo is alive and well in Hollyweird and Ellen controls the goose stepping.. If Liberals couldnt spew hypocrisy they would all be silent..

  98. says:

    This is really just a pissing contest between celebrities, what about the real people who were banned like Crispin Glover from Letterman because he almost kicked David Letterman in the face, wasn’t he banned?

  99. says:

    who cares? really. does it really make a difference? as for piers morgan, he should be banned from american tv permanently for being such a bore.

  100. says:

    “Apparently Morgan did not appreciate Mandel’s unique brand of humor, dubbing it “too irritating.”
    If being irritating is all it takes, Piers should be banned from public.

  101. says:

    Two of the “Kardashians” aren’t Kardashian in any, way, shape or form. The one in the pink looks like a plastic doll with too much blush. Actually, 3 aren’t…Khloe is not one either.

    • says:

      Kris Kardashian Jenner had 6 children. Only the oldest 2, Kourtney & Kim are really Kardashians. God knows who the father of Khloe & Rob really is. Kendall & Kylie are Jenners.

  102. says:

    Kathy Griffin is a joke.

  103. says:

    Kathy Griffin should be banned from the human race.

  104. says:

    It’s hard to take any of you seriously when your grammar and mechanics are so illiterate. Don’t any of you know how to spell, use punctuation, or express yourselves in correct English? YOUR ignorance is showing!

    • says:

      You’re awfully upset over something that is actually your problem. There is no reason why people can’t put aside their differences if they’re willing to live in peace. Work on it.

  105. says:

    Piers is an irritant in many peoples’ sides! Karma’s a BEEATCH!

  106. says:

    If I remember correctly Harmony Korrine (The director of Spring Breakers) is banned from the Letterman show since Letterman supposedly caught him in the middle of rifling through Meryl Streep’s purse….I have no idea why Harmony would do that….*shivers*

  107. says:

    fake story to advertise the hell out of us.

  108. says:

    I have always liked Gary Busey. I like his looks, his personality, and his humor.

  109. says:

    This is what happens when you believe your own press releases. Many celebs are under the impression that they actually have something of importance to say.

  110. says:

    Piers Morgan is one of the most arrogant persons on TV. Being banned from his show would be a blessing.

  111. says:

    Ban and deport Piers Morgan. Why? Because he irritates me.

  112. says:

    Like Jay Leno would have ever wanted to be on Conan O’Brien’s show anyway.
    And when are people going to recognize that Jay Leno didn’t get Conan fired from the Tonight Show– Conan got himself fired. Crappy ratings & self centered interviews & sophomoric ‘humor’ do not get you a contract renewal.

  113. says:

    terrible website

  114. says:

    Well, here’s another reader that will NEVER be back to your web site. The forced add’s are a joke. I’m banning myself from your stupid website!

  115. says:

    Me neither – I don’t do commercials

  116. says:

    Gilbert Gottfried was never banned on Howard Stern. I don’t know where you people come up with these crazy facts to make a story work. He has been on many, many times over the years and they never had a falling out with each other.

  117. says:

    Since when is Anderson Cooper the host of Watch What Happens on Bravo?? Nothing like confusing two gay silver haired men… Good job!

  118. says:

    Piers hates Madonna for having a less annoying British accent than his…

  119. says:

    Howard Stern banned someone? Now that’s the pot calling the kettle black!!!

  120. says:

    America may have talent, but Stern is a waste of skin!

  121. says:

    I hate homophobia, BUT, some things are not what they need to be in this world and The Dilemma is a great movie. I just watched it online and it is GREAT even though so many avoided it in solidarity with Ellen. I probably would have been one of the ones who would have avoided to for Ellen, also, except for my love of Vince Vaughn and curiosity.

    Life is not perfect and never will be. Life on life’s terms, in my opinion, demands that we pick our battles based on something other than emotion, hopefully.

  122. says:

    Turning the other check is when someone is attacking you. When you attack Jesus or God you are the loser. God says not to hate so you shouldn’t hate Kathy Griffith but I sure don’t like her. I really think there’s something wrong with her, but hopefully she can be helped, if she turns from her wickedness.

  123. says:

    Pop ups are ridiculous. Not the patience to get through it.

  124. says:

    Dude who cares if Kathy Griffith is banned from those shows – there are others!!! She’s funny but you’ve got to be in the mood to deal with her brand of humor and I really don’t think any of those shows were appropriate for her brand.

  125. says:

    Being Banned from the Piers Morgan show is like being told you can’t go to the dentist for a root canal anymore. Who cares! That smug and arrogant limy can disappear

  126. says:

    So, Morgan banned people from a show that nobody watched.

  127. says:

    Don’t care, never wacth this crap anyway. Who do these idiots think they are that they go on these interview shows??????????????

  128. says:

    seems like piers morgan thinks everyone is an irritant maybe he shouldn’t be in the public eye

  129. says:

    Talk shoes should be banned, who, but morons could possibly be interested in these self indulged idiots. Why do they think anyone is interested in what they have to say?

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