14 Celeb Men Who Could Pass For Twins. That's Their Brother From Another Mother!

14 Celeb Men Who Could Pass For Twins (That’s Their Brother From Another Mother!)


It seems that everyone has a look-alike, at least someone in the world. Even in Hollywood, which is only made up of a small percentage of the world, there are definitely some celebs who have a just-as-famous twin. Here are 14 male celebrities who could easily pass as being related, if not as being twins!

Nick Cannon & Marlon Wayans


Despite their 8-year age difference, Nick Cannon and Marlon Wayans could definitely pass as being brothers. And since their career paths seem to coincide with each other, it seems even more believable that the two could be related. The nose is the only screaming difference between the two.

Elijah Woods & Daniel Radcliffe


Baby blue-eyes: check. Thin noses: check. Side-swept hair:check. All signs point to an uncanny resemblance between Elijah Woods and Daniel Radcliffe. Looking at both of the actors and not knowing who they really were, the two could easily be mistaken as being related.

Mike Tomlin & Omar Epps


It’s not often that a football coach is compared to a Hollywood actor, but when it comes to Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps, putting these two side-by-side shows scary similarities. While their careers aren’t anything alike, Mike and Omar have eerily similar faces. The nose, lips, and facial shape are crazily similar.

Matt Moore & Adam Sandler


Matt Moore isn’t nearly as famous or as funny as Adam Sandler, but if you’ve ever seen Homeless for the Holidays, you may have mistaken one for the other. Comparing Matt Moore and Adam Sandler is like comparing an apple to an apple. They have the same eyes, lips, nose, and facial shape so it’s not surprising that they’re often thought to be related.

Tobey Maguire & Jake Gyllenhaal


Tobey Maquire and Jake Gyllenhaal are both great actors and have had some extremely notable roles, but something else very noticeable about the two is that they look really alike! Hollywood and movie directors agree that these two look quite similar. In fact, they played brothers in the movie Brothers.

Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Heath Gordon

In their younger years when the two sported a shaggy hair style, Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks crazy alike. Just look at the noses, eyes, and jaw structure! Even though Heath is from Australia and Joseph is from California, these two could easily call themselves long distance relatives.

Trey Songz & Terrence J.


Trey Songz and Terrence J. look alike but the two aren’t related. From their facial features to their smiles, the pair look like brothers. To make matters worse they were both born on the East Coast and are only a year apart.

Ricky Martin & Ryan Seacrest


If you’ve ever seen an interview of Ryan Seacrest and Ricky Martin, you’ve probably noticed that these two have very similar faces. With chiseled features, well-kept eyebrows, and a very similar nose, it wouldn’t be surprising that Ricky and Ryan are related somewhere on the ancestry line. Ironically enough, the two have the same birthday.

Chris Brown & Shannon Brown


Even though Chris Brown and NBA star Shannon Brown share the same last name, they aren’t related at all. But, they definitely have very similar good looks in common. Both of the Browns have similar noses, eyes, and they share the same style facial hair. The pair recently had roles in the movie Think Like a Man.

Nathan Fillion & Jeremy Renner


Nathan Fillion and Jeremy Renner, both Hollywood actors, share a lot of the same facial features. Their eyes, nose, lips, and even their hair are all pretty much the same.  Both of them are 41. Physically, these two guys could easily be brothers.

Kanye & Kurtis Blow


Not many rappers out there have a true look alike. Even though Kurtis Blow is much older than Kanye West, the two still look really similar. Maybe Kurtis is Kanye’s look into the future, and we can expect Kanye to look just about the same as the years pass.

Justin Timberlake & Ryan Phillippe


Justin Timberlake and Ryan Phillippe share the same blue eyes and high cheek bones, which strikes a strong resemblance between the two. Other than their awfully similar faces, Justin and Ryan aren’t related and really have nothing else in common. Crazily, Ryan is actually seven years older than Justin.

Chris Rock & Michael Vick


Chris Rock and Michael Vick definitely bear a resemblance between them, even though one is an actor and the other is an NFL quarterback. Though the two aren’t related in the slightest, they have impacted each others lives. After Michael Vick’s infamous arrest for a dogfighting ring, Chris Rock spoke up and supported Mike, which got him a lot of backlash.

Rob Lowe & Ian Somerhalder


Before Ian Somerhalder hit the scene, Rob Lowe was the bright-blue eyed hottie. With the same eyes, facial structure, and crooked smirk, Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder definitely could pass as being brothers. Even with a 14 year difference between them, Rob and Ian both look quite youthful.

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    This post sucks donkey balls!!!!

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    You all were reaching with this post.

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    chris rock and michael vick? really?

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    Frank Ocean is a Kevin Lyttle (The Reggae guy who sings that song, “Turn Me On”) doppleganger.

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      That’s not reggae. That’s soca.

    • Either genre, you still have a point, Nicole. They do look a lot alike.

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    Huh? Who had a quota to fill and created this post? The only pair that look alike is Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But people have said that for years. I’m assuming whoever wrote this may be clinically blind

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    Chris Brown and Shannon Brown – YES.. totally

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      And they have the same last name. I thought they were related but didn’t want anyone to know lol

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      They need a DNA test!

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    Some of these were reaching. I’ve always thought Ryan Philippe and Justin Timberlake looked alike though. I don’t know how you guys left out Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem. They looks just alike.

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      YES to Jeffrey and Javier!!!

  • What a waste of bandwidth this was…

  • Okay, you lost me completely with Michael Vick and Chris Rock. Those two look NOTHING alike. Oh lord, who made this list. I was thrown off with Nick Cannon and Marlon Wayans (who doesn’t have that droopy lip) but Vick and Rock. Really?!

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    They shouldve listed Don Franklin and Blair Underwood.

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    shannon brown and chris brown are cousins -.-

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      Umm…no, they’re not. LOL. Not unless they just don’t know it because they have denied relation. There’s a video of Shannon saying they’re not related.

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    I thought Nathan Fillion was Jason Bateman. Damn, I learned something todayl

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    And Jake almost replace Tobey in Spider-Man 3

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    you missed Josh Duhamel & Timothy Olyphant

  • Toby and Jake? Seriously??? They do NOT look alike! Ryan P. and the guy who playèd in Magic Mike, Channing Tatum’s recruit, NOW they could pass as twins.

  • Ricky and Ryan S.? Now that’s stretching it tooooo far!

  • Ian and Rob…we agree…u got that one dead on!

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    Not one of them even REMOTELY looks like the other. Silly article.

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    Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt look nothing alike, and neither do Chris Rock and Michael Vick. :<

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    Whaaaa, My face became turned up even more as I clicked the next button….most of these dudes do not even look RELATED. “oOOhhhh girrrlll, he lightskinted, y’all twins!”….”girllll look he got blue eyes and blonde hair, y’all definitely are twinsies!”

  • Chris Rock and Michael Vick was discussed in the movie Grown Ups. “…Michael Vick if he was bulemic.” – Adam Sandler

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    Matt Damon and Tom Brady…….

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    The person who gathered the research for this article should be demoted! The pic of Matt Moore and Adam Sandler was spot on! The pic of Trey Songz and Terence J were the only 2 that looked related. All the rest is in that person’s imagination!

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    Should have been Chris Rock and Mario Barrett.

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    Where tf are these sources coming from??? Kuz Terrence J said himself that he was Trey Songz’s cousin. And I know people down in Va, who said that Chris Brown and Shannon Brown were cousins…..

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    ya forgot katy perry n zoey deschanel

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    Heath WAS from Australia R.I.P. jeez whatever happened to basic journalism

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    OMG MIKE AND OMAR….YES!!! i went to the steelers game and Pittsburgh and thought the same thing when i saw him. lmao

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    RG3 and Andre 3000 of Outkast.

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    Kanye West looks like Michael Redd

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    Chris Rock looks a lot more like Mario Barret

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    Taye Diggs & Lee Thompson Young(RIP) resemble each other in my opinion. Should have included them.

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    Chris and Shan are real family

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    Trey and T are real brothers same father

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    Chris Brown and Shannon dead on!!! #BothHandsome Matt Moore & Adam Sandler, Hath Ledger & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Yup!!

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    trye songz and august alsina

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    trey songz and august alsina

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    Nick Cannon and Master P.

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