Hacked, Leaked, And Scandalized - 15 Instances Of Celebrity Cyber Invasion

Celebrities, Lock Up Your Cellphones – 15 Hollywood Phone Hacking Scandals

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Tabloid outlets love a good celebrity phone hacking story. Not all hacking scandals involve the leaking of sexually explicit pics, but most do. It seems like every time compromising images of a celebrity surface they’re met with tongue-in-cheek pleas from Hollywood pundits reminding the rich and famous that they shouldn’t be taking such sexually charged pics in the first place. Whether or not you agree with this sentiment, here are the details behind 15 of the most notorious Hollywood phone hacking scandals.

Christina Hendricks

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In March of this year Mad Men star Christina Hendricks was reportedly the victim of a cellphone hacking. Five sexually suggestive pics were leaked, including one where the actress is reportedly t0pless. While Hendricks’ reps verified the first four pics, they reported the more graphic photo of the group did not come from the actress.

Paris Hilton

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In 2005, Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile sidekick was hacked. Among the items leaked were the numbers of countless fellow celebrities (including Eminem, Vin Diesel, Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan) and some racy photos. The perpetrator turned out to be a 17-year-old Massachusetts teen who received 11 months of juvenile detention for what at the time was one of the biggest hacking crimes ever.

Scarlett Johansson


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In 2011 Scarlett Johansson had nude photos leak from her cellphone and spread like wildfire across the internet. Johansson later admitted they were intended for her then-husband Ryan Reynolds. The FBI would step in following the cell phone breach and brought hacker Christopher Chaney in on the charges. Chaney plead guilty and received a ten year prison sentence for his crimes.

Blake Lively

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Though her reps have claimed otherwise, actress Blake Lively has apparently been the victim of cellphone hacking on multiple occasions. Though the reps have refused to acknowledge the pics as anything other than fakes, they have also threatened legal action against anyone who publishes them. This, along with the person photoed sharing the actress’ recognizable tattoos, suggests that Lively’s camp have been covering The Gossip Girl  actress from further scandal. Ironically, Lively is now married to fellow hacking victim Scarlett Johansson’s ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Olivia Munn

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Olivia Munn’s cellphone was supposedly hacked and a series of  sexually explicit photos were released simultaneously with Christina Hendricks’. In a strange twist on the typical “leaked celebrity pictures,” many of Munn’s photos were accompanied by extremely graphic text descriptions overlaid on the pics. These garnered similarities to photos Munn often posts on her Twitter in which she uses the program Skitch to add comments. Munn’s representatives denied to comment on the leaks, though Munn took to Twitter to post a picture of a baby, a kitten, and the statement “If you ever hacked my phone, these are the pictures you’d find.”


Rihanna PF WENN

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Singer Rihanna’s cellphone was hacked in 2010. As a result several self-taken nudes leaked, causing further tabloid stir merely a year after the Chris Brown domestic abuse story made the rounds. Her record label, Island Def Jam, would send letters around to websites hosting the “unauthorized photos purported to be…Rihanna” and demand they be taken down due to their violation of “the Artist’s rights.”

Mila Kunis

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Black Swan star Mila Kunis had her phone hacked, causing a private set of risqué photos to be leaked the public in 2011. Ironically, the images would contain less images of the sultry actress as they would compromising pics of Justin Timberlake and an anonymous male suitor. Both Timberlake and Kunis reps would dismiss rumors of an “inappropriate relationship” between the Friends With Benefits stars as “entirely false.”

Vanessa Hudgens

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The High School Musical star was hacked back in 2007 by the same man who targeted Scarlett Johansson. Following her own nude picture leaks, the actress would sit down with the FBI to aid them in catching Christopher Chaney, who procured the images off her Gmail account. We can only guess her contributions to the investigation helped out.

Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus has been the victim of cell phone hacking and photo leaks several times. The attacks began in 2008, when private photos from her MySpace page made the rounds on the internet. A month later, more photos leaked from a hacker claiming they had been acquired via email from none other than ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. The steamy photos are hardly risqué when compared to other celebrity’s private pics detailed on this list. However, they do take on a creepy slant when you consider Cyrus was 15 at the time of their release.

Jessica Alba

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Though Jessica Alba has long refused to do nudity in her own films (resulting in CGI nude scenes for the hyper-sexualized action film Machete), the actress has had nudes hacked from her own cellphone. Alba would also help the FBI in the search for her hacker, who happened to pluck nudes taken during the actress’ pregnancy.



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Pop star Ke$ha experienced a hacking in 2010 that leaked both stolen singles and sexually explicit photos. A pair of German hackers were subsequently caught trying to sell the collection to a highest bidder after an attempt at blackmailing the singer failed.

Julanne Hough

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Country star Julianne Hough’s cellphone was hacked by a group called the Hollywood Leaks. The group leaked her celebrity phone contacts, an unreleased album, pictures, and her health insurance information. Unlike most of the ladies on this list, Hough’s pictures were lacking in any real sexual explicitness, thus helping Hough avoid tabloid scandal.

Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera was named as one of Christopher Chaney’s victims upon his 2011 arrest. The hacker is credited for hacking the pop star’s email and leaking several semi-nude photos. Aguilera testified against him in court via videotape, stating “That feeling of security can never be given back, and there is no compensation that can restore the feeling one has from such a large invasion of privacy.”

Heather Morris

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Heather Morris, a fan favorite among Glee cast members, had her cellphone hacked in March. Of course a series of nude photos followed, which the 25-year-old actress let her lawyers comment on—by promptly having them removed from major internet outlets.


Snooki PF WENN

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Perhaps the least shocking entry on this list, Jersey Shore cast member Snooki found her cellphone hacked and nude photos leaked earlier this year. While fake nudes of the reality star had long been circulating on the internet (some released as a joke by Snooki herself), reps came forward to verify the shots. “Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public,” the statement said, adding “It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.” To no one’s surprise, the scandal hasn’t slowed down Snooki’s career one bit.

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