Happy New Year: Cheers To Stylin' In 2013

StyleBlazer Radio: Cheers To Stylin’ In 2013

We’ve made it through another year! As they seem to with each one that passes, the year seemed to fly by in a whirlwind. We hope that 2012 was one filled with happiness, healthy, laughter and prosperity. That the good far outweighed the bad and that 2013 affords you every bit of goodness.

Here at StyleBlazer, we are reflecting on an amazing year as a brand new team, and we’ve totally enjoyed growing with you! As we make resolutions to revamp our beauty routines and embrace new styles, we can’t help but feel re-energized. And who better to give us that extra sultry oomph than our favorite stylish divas? From Patti Labelle to Chaka Khan, we are ready to embrace 2013 something crazy fierce!

Enjoy our playlist of stylish ladies to ring in a brand new year.

Happy New Year, StyleBlazers!


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo