Karl Lagerfeld On Chanel: "We Create A Product Nobody Needs..."

Karl Lagerfeld On Chanel: “We Create A Product Nobody Needs…”

lagerfeld-e1350157154544Photo Credit: Zibi/WENN

Karl Lagerfeld is, without a doubt, one of fashion’s most colorful characters.  He is often quoted saying the darndest things, but sometimes mixed in with his bile hatred filled words are words of truth and wisdom.  According to Fashionista, during a BBC Radio 4’s Today programme interview, Lagerfeld said, in reference to the Chanel brand, “we create a product nobody needs but people want.”  To be perfectly honest, he is absolutely right.  No one needs Chanel sunglasses, flats or a 2.55 bag.  So why do we scrimp and save and forgo food for the coveted double “C’s”?  Well, uncle Karl had the answer to that burning question.  “You spend more for what you really want.  Some boring things you need: an ugly old car can wait, but if you have a new fashion item it cannot wait. We live on this whole idea” he said.  So there you have it folks, the logic behind our zany spending habits.


StyleBlazers, when purchasing a fashion item, do you differentiate want from need?