StyleBlazer Splurge: Vintage Chanel Bags

StyleBlazer Splurge: Vintage Chanel Bags

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When Karl Lagerfeld said “nobody needsChanel, truer words were never spoken.  But let’s be honest, we all want Chanel everything, especially the bags.  The quilted leather and double ‘C’ hardware just does something to a girl.  The brand is like no other.  It has the ability to inspire and aspire.  We all know the Chanel girl, she is chic and timeless, and we all want to be her.  So while we may not need the iconic 2.55 we sure want one.  If giving in to your frivolous desires isn’t enough for you to splurge then consider this, all the bags we featured are vintage.  Yes, you are practically saving the planet by purchasing vintage.

Check out the bags below and do a selfless deed today and splurge.

71481598Vintage Chanel Diagonal Bag


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