4 Things To Do Before You Leave The House In Your Naughty New Year's Eve Dress

4 Things To Do Before You Leave The House In Your Naughty New Year’s Eve Dress

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We’re just hours away from the New Year 2013, and even less hours away from slipping into those New Year’s Eve ensembles. Now, we’re fashion girls first, but we know that even with all the runway reports, red carpet recaps and bag of trends to try that we’ve showered on you throughout 2012, those “man-repelling,” bill-propelling fashions fall by the waste side in favor of the “freakum dress” more times than not. So we won’t even bother trying to get you to trade in short and tight for…anything else. But, be warned: when the champagne’s flowing and your heels are playing etch-a-sketch on the dance floor the last thing you’ll want to be doing is tugging on your dress to not become the nights entertainment. So we’ve created a brief but… checklist of a few things you should be able to do comfortably before you leave the house the house in that hot body-skimming, thigh-climbing little number.


Have A Seat

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Please, have a seat. And then note how far above your thighs your dress rides. You may have taken comfort in the fact it covered your butt in the fitting room, but you’ll lose a couple of those inches as soon as you sit, and your dress turns into a belt. Don’t look like the waiting area in a police precinct.


Drop The Ball…And Then Pick It Up

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You should own a full length mirror in your abode, and you should be bending over in front of it. Whether it be to check for pantylines, too much skin in your skin-tight pants, or how much butt is below your dress’ bottom line. If you dance, especially dirty, you don’t want to give away half the bag of party favors before the night is over.


Reach For The Stars

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It is a known fact that New Year’s celebrations incite a lot of hand waving: waving hello to old friends ringing in the new year; waving down waitresses to fill up your glass; or throwing your hands up for the sheer enjoyment of partying your arse off. So reach both hands above your head and see just how far up your dress goes with it. If your dress turns into a tee consider a change of clothes, lest you want to run around all night with your arms at your side like you’re being fitted for a coffin at midnight.



Take A Picture!

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When we say take a picture, we don’t mean to twitpic or post on Facebook or Instagram. (There will be plenty of time for that later.) You should snap a self pic with your camera on flash to figure out if your…assets will be flashing it back once that light hits your outfit. If your dress wasn’t purchased sheer, you might want to at least put on black undies if you don’t plan to undress.

And that just about does it for your naughty NYE dress checklist.

Have fun and be safe tonight, ladies!


-Tameika Lawrence