StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Victoria's Secret Angels Trainer Anja Garcia On How To Score A Goddess Bikini Body (Earn Your Wings!)

StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Trainer Anja Garcia On How To Score A Victoria’s Secret Angel Bikini Body (Earn Your Wings!)


Now that bottles have been popped, and the resolutions have been made, it’s time to get serious about your goals for 2013! Here at StyleBlazer, we believe that style and beauty not only comes from the fly clothes that adorn us, but from a strong healthy body that gives us that special glow from within. If you pledged to get fit when the ball dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but you’re not quite sure how to get started, we’re here for you! This week, we have advice and motivation from an all-star lineup of fitness experts, celebrities and women just like you to get you on your way. You’re not alone, and you can totally do this!

The first fitness expert on our roster knows a thing or two about getting gorgeous fashionistas in tip top shape. Fitness trainer Anja Garcia, RN MSN shares the secrets behind the goddess like physiques in wings who rip the runway for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  If you’ve ever wondered how Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio bounce back from giving birth to rocking angel wings in no time flat, we’re finally learned their secrets! Anja gives us the scoop,  and more importantly, realistic fitness tips, for the every day girl.

Find out how you can get swimsuit-ready at home, and slim down with a healthy diet. You can totally do this!


StyleBlazer: Many of the Victoria’s Secret Angels recently gave birth. What types of workouts did you use to get them back in shape for the fashion show?

Anja Garcia, RN MSN: “To get the angels back in shape for the fashion show, high intensity bodyweight exercises gave them the most bang for their buck. They are busy new moms, so they don’t have a lot of time to work out. Simple moves like pushups, bodyweight squats, and lunges done in fast succession without a break will tone the arms, thighs, and glutes to get their heart rates up to burn fat. My DailyBurn Inferno workout program is a high intensity workout that tones and burns fat at the same time to help lose inches fast. Remember, new moms should always get workout clearance from their doctors before starting a new workout program.”

Got abs, anyone? Keep reading to learn the best exercises to get your abs and thighs right and tight for bikini season!

  • MsDtwon

    Who the heck wants to look like a twig with implants?

  • Sara

    Beautiful bodies. A tad skinny for me but stunning none the less. I prefer the, gym/chipotle combo. I like to fill my clothes out thank u much 🙂