StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Victoria's Secret Angels Trainer Anja Garcia On How To Score A Goddess Bikini Body (Earn Your Wings!)

StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Trainer Anja Garcia On How To Score A Victoria’s Secret Angel Bikini Body (Earn Your Wings!)


 Photo: C.Smith/

SB: Even though it’s still winter, bikini season is on our minds! What are some at-home workouts that readers can do to specifically target abs and thighs?

AG: “Exercises like mountain climbers, planks, and sit-ups on a stability ball target abs, while lunges and bodyweight squats help tone the thighs.”

SB: What diet regimen do you recommend for those who want to eat healthy like Victoria’s Secret models?

AG: “Don’t follow fad diets. Remember that the models are getting ready for a show, and that they spend most of the year eating a healthy diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables, water, and healthy fats. Don’t crash diet, because you will rebound and gain all of the weight back. Instead, stick to a diet that is free of inflammatory foods and high in antioxidants year round, and you’ll really be eating like a Victoria’s Secret angel.”

Sit up and crunches? Check. Healthy foods? Check. Keep reading for tips on what to wear to the gym!

  • MsDtwon

    Who the heck wants to look like a twig with implants?

  • Sara

    Beautiful bodies. A tad skinny for me but stunning none the less. I prefer the, gym/chipotle combo. I like to fill my clothes out thank u much 🙂