14 DIY Beauty Products

14 Homemade Beauty Products (Save Dollars With These DIY Treatments!)

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Smooth skin, silky shiny hair and a bright smile are all things we beauty-conscious women covet. And thankfully we can get all three without hoarding a sink cabinet full of expensive over the counter products. Take your beauty regime into your own hands with a few DIY beauty products. Save yourself some money and if you get good at these concoctions. With some great instructions and a little patience you can turn everyday items in your kitchen cabinet into lip gloss that will keep your lips kissable and shiny, or try a face mask made of oatmeal that will keep your skin tight and firm.

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Homemade Kiss Gloss



Photo: www.cheekykitchen.com


1 teaspoon paraffin wax
4 teaspoons coconut oil
4 teaspoons petroleum jelly
4 white or pink (or whatever color you like) candy melts
1/2 teaspoon oil-based candy flavoring


Grate the wax into a ziploc freezer bag. Add the coconut oil, petroleum jelly, candy melts and the flavoring. Place the bag in a bowl of very hot water and allow the ingredients to melt together. Massage the bag a bit to mix the ingredients together. Snip a corner from the bag and squeeze the ingredients into small containers (we used sterilized bead holders purchased from JoAnn). Pop your lip gloss containers into the fridge to cool completely. Gift and enjoy!