And The Hits Just Didn’t Keep Coming: 15 Female Artists Whose Music Careers Didn’t Take Off

  • Frankie LuckyRacine Reed

    christiana debarge, tweet, christina milian

    • Kek

      LOL. Yup, them too!

    • sma

      have enough names…..ya think.

    • sma

      u still here.

  • sunshyne84

    I didn’t know Tynisha started making music professionally. I remember her from Myspace. Didn’t know Tiffany Evans got married or had a baby. I’d like to add Megan Rochell.

  • Ryan Leslie

    Cheri Dennis, Teairra Mari, Toya.

  • GreenEyes

    “Passed” her image? Who proofreads these articles? Someone who writes for a living should know the difference between “passed” and “past.”

  • GreenEyes

    That’s too bad, because she’s gorgeous. Strange, because I think Jennifer Lopez is not that good of a singer, but she’s had huge success. It’s weird.

  • Cathy G

    Never heard of any of these chicks

  • sma

    their only talent is between their legs.

  • sma

    another one that gets what she wants with what she sits on…

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