Steal The Style: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Tuxedo Slacks

A87BzqQCcAMUmoZPhoto: Twitter

┬áIt’s amazing that a simple strip of fabric on the side of a pant conveys such class. Tuxedo pants are a great staple item for every woman, because they’re multifunctional. Worn up, they can be paired with an elegant blouse or turtleneck. Worn down, they can be paired with a simple white t-shirt and bangles like the lovely Tracee Ellis Ross displays (above).

To find a great pair of classic tuxedo slacks we suggest your local vintage store or men’s suit shop– yes, they can fit you for men’s sizes.

For those of you who want a quicker option, we’ve got three of them below!


Worthington tuxedo slacks
Worthington Tuxedo-Striped Ankle Pants

Juicy Couture tuxedo pants
Juicy Couture Leather Tux Stripe Skinny Jeans

Current Elliot jeans
Current/Elliott Jeans Rolled Skinny with Tux Lace


-Danielle Kwateng

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