Raf Simons Debuts His First Dior Ad Campaign...And We Hate It

Raf Simons Debuts His First Dior Ad Campaign (…And We Hate It)

It’s important to note, we weren’t very big fans of Raf Simons’ Spring 2013 RTW collection for Dior. And now that the new creative head has debuted the brand’s ad campaign, we aren’t very big fans of it either. The ultra minimalist ads read less surreal and ethereal—what he was going for?—and more unimaginative and disjointed. But it also confirmed what we’d initially felt about the collection.

We can’t say we were always eager to slip ourselves into every Dior design under Galliano, but we were always entertained by the fantastical creations. Ironically enough, Simons was quoted in an issue of Vogue Australia last year calling Galliano’s work “no longer relevant” because of said fantasy. There seems to be fewer and fewer designers that want to indulge the modern-day woman in a little fantasy—odd, since reality bites. But as veteran fashion journalist, Hilary Alexander told  Dansk Magazine during a sit down, ‘Louis Vuitton and Chanel are the only true spectacles left.’


-Tameika Lawrence