Message In The Doorknockers?: Will Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Collab On New "Ratchet" Single?

Message In The Doorknockers?: Will Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Collab On New “Ratchet” Single?


Photo: @BaddieBey’s Instagram

It looks like the “rise of the ratchet” just got an extension plan. As Beyoncé readies her new album, a highly anticipated SuperBowl Halftime performance, and all around world domination in 2013, her latest Instagram shot has rumors swirling of a collaboration with the one and only Lady Gaga. This time she rocks gold “ratchet” bamboo earrings with a Houston Rockets fitted cap. We know that B has an affinity for the ratchet, and loves to pose in gangsta grills and streetwear with a mean mug. Lady Gaga recently tweeted a pic of herself in “ratchet” earrings, and has revealed that she’s collaborated with Azealia Banks on a track by the same name.


The title of Beyoncé’s new single is yet to be confirmed, but The Dream revealed that we’ll hear new music from the King before her Super Bowl performance. The best part? Bey has reportedly been working on new music with Justin Timberlake, One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, and even Miguel. We’re already having visions of the “Ratchet” dance!

Check out Bey’s “ratchet” Instagram flicks below. Houston, Texas, baby!




StyleBlazers, ready for Bey to get “Ratchet” in 2013?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

  • Jessica

    D@mn! “RACHET” is really the NAME of Beyonce’s new song! I feel sorry for her Stans. Good luck with spending your government, employee, tax, and unemployment checks on this so called classy entertainer.



  • Whit

    Is that Gaga?! She looks really thin…

  • All I see is she stole that name from the guys on youtube with the same song name, thief. —She Ratchet!

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