'EBONY' Magazine's February 2013 Issues Show Black Love In The Sweetest Way

‘EBONY’ Magazine’s February 2013 Issues Show Black Love In The Sweetest Way

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EBONY magazine is celebrating black love in the sweetest way by featuring three couples on three different covers for February 2013.

T.I. and Tiny, Bishop T.D. and Serita Jakes, and DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good all looked perfectly content with their spouses for the month of Valentines. The couples discussed what makes their marriages work with corresponding cover-lines. According to EBONY, the decision to have the triple covers came about because they “embody all the essential ingredients for Black Love.”

T.D. Jakes on what makes his marriage work: “Marriage requires work and expecting the unexpected. Don’t let other people design a marriage you can’t live with. Keep other people out your business. Every marriage is different.”




T.I. on being committed to Tiny: “Once I made my mind up that I was going to be committed to this relationship, I started being married then and there. Since I’ve been married, it’s the same relationship, we’re the same people. We treat each other the same way, and we’re just as happy now as we were before.”



All three issues go on stands today!

Which couple is your favorite?

-Danielle Kwateng

  • Mississippi Librarian

    Good for them, I like them together. They are lucky, very few people find a soul mate that you can count on in this life, so continued success to TI and Tiny.

  • Ms kai

    From year to year your ‘ black Love couple” never stay the same, most of them are separated or divorced before the issue hits the stands. Time to stop embarrassing yourselves.

  • Great pic of them. True black love.

  • blck ggg