What To Wear When You're Losing Weight. 5 Great Tips & Even Better Fashion Picks!

What To Wear When You’re Losing Weight (5 Great Tips & Even Better Fashion Picks!)

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If you resolved to lose weight this year, good for you! While you’re out there eating better and exercising more, you’ll be reveling in the changes of your body from all your hard work. But what happens when your wardrobe doesn’t fit anymore, but you’re not exactly done with your weight loss goals? And when buying new clothes every time you go down a size is not an option? No need to worry because as always, we have you covered.

Here are 5 tips, complete with shopping picks, to get you through your weight loss journey fashionably.



Accent Other Areas With Accessories

Erickson Beamon


 Blue Nile Cocktail Ring



Wrapped Collar Necklace

 While accessories should always be a part of your wardrobe no matter your size, it’s especially important in this transitional phase. Besides, accessories will almost always fit. Style your wardrobe basics with eye-catching on-trend pieces like a statement necklace or cocktail ring.

Cinch It And Pinch It




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Wide Stud Panel Waist Belt



Vintage Belt

Yes, a belt is an accessory too, but their importance during weight loss makes them deserve a category all their own. You can style a dress or top that might be slightly to big for you by adding a waist belt. Plus they draw attention to that new slimmer waist of yours.