Angel Haze To Walk In Mark McNairy Fashion Show? (Watch Out Azealia, Fashion May Have A New Darling)

Angel Haze To Walk In Mark McNairy Fashion Show? (Watch Out Azealia, Fashion May Have A New Darling)

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Watch out Azealia, there is a new young thing in town and she is gunning for your spot, all of them.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past three days we’re sure you’ve heard about the twitter beef between Azealia Banks (yung rapunxel) and Angel Haze (young gypsy).  The two have been exchanging heated words –or as heated as things can get in 140 characters or less– on Twitter and releasing diss tracks to one up each other.  At the rate Haze is going –she currently released two diss tracks as oppose to Bank’s one– it is safe to say she is out to dethrone the yung rapunxel.  But what really caught our attention was when we learned Haze might be walking in the Mark McNairy show this coming Fashion Week.  According to MTV Style, yesterday the young rapper tweeted, “on my way to meet Mark McNairy. :),” followed by “walking my first show this fashion week. So stoked.”  The tweets were later confirmed by a retweet from the designer.

We all know that Azealia is the fashion world’s latest obsession, so is there room for two?

Banks recently spilled her thoughts on the fashion industry, its fickle nature and its habit of discarding people when it’s finished with them.  So now we wonder, did she see this coming?  Haze has made her presence known in the music industry, and with a feature in T Magazine and upcoming runway show it is clear that she has her sights set on the fashion world.  So if Banks is right and the fashion industry only has the attention span for one darling at a time, she may be in for some competition.


StyleBlazers, are you team yung rapunxel or team young gypsy?


 -Shoshana Evans

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