Communicate Subconsciously With Tailly, The Wearable Cat Tail (If You’re Happy And You Know It Wag Your Tail)


Do you often have trouble expressing your feelings?  Does your facial muscles sometimes spaz and frown when you really meant to smile?  Or perhaps you just prefer a deadpan look and don’t like to exert energy with frivolous things such as facial expressions.  Whatever the case maybe, Tailly maybe what you’ve been waiting for.  What is Tailly and how can it help you?  Well, it’s a tail, and it wags went the wearer gets excited.  The tail is attached to a belt which “contains a sensor that reads the wearer’s heart rate,” reports the NY Daily News. The tail normally hangs down, “but every now and then it momentarily springs into movement.”  If the wearer’s heart rate increases –a sign of excitement or possibly fear– the tail  “waggles wildly, and when you calm down, it will swing slowly.”

Tailly was developed by Shota Ishiwatari, who also brought you Necomimi –the wiggling cat ears that responds to brainwaves.  If you are interested in getting your very own Tailly head over to the kickstarter page to ensure the product comes to fruition.

StyleBlazers,  do you want your own Tailly?

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