Trend Alert: Are Braces The New Must Have Accessory? (Look Inside To See Other "Silly" Trends Of Yesteryears)

Trend Alert: Are Braces The New Must Have Accessory? (Look Inside To See Other “Silly” Trends Of Yesteryears)


Braces are the cool new ‘it’ accessory.  No, it’s not April 1st and we kid you not.  According to Allure, “braces are the cool new accessory for teens in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.”  Here in the states where braces are look at as a cruel rites of passage, it is easy to be baffled as to why anyone would every willingly subject themselves, especially when it is not necessary.  The answer is simple, status.  Whenever something isn’t easily attained by the masses, whether due to scarcity or price, it is then viewed as an item of luxury.  Due to “their hefty price tag and popularity among Eastern pop stars, [braces are] seen as a symbol of wealth and style.”  So naturally, teens are clamoring to be fitted for a mouth full of metal.   As for the ones who can’t actually afford to sport the new trend, they resort to wearing knock-off braces.  They are “metal-and-plastic mouthpieces with cutesy cartoon designs to mimic the look of braces.”  To be honest, the teens getting the fake braces are really on to something.  No sense going through all that pain and discomfort for a trend that will die before your dental bill.  If you think the trend on a whole is silly, don’t laugh just yet.  This side of the hemisphere is not without its silly, downright laughable trends.  Don’t believe us?

Take a look at the silly trends of our past.


Fashion Specs

beyonce-600x450Photo Credit: Tumblr

A few seasons ago it suddenly became cool to wear readers.  The result?  Everyone (at least it felt like everyone) started wearing glasses, even those who didn’t need prescription specs.

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