Rock Out In Fur This Winter (Real vs. Faux Shopping Finds)

Rock Out In Fur This Winter With Our Real vs. Faux Fur Coat Shopping Finds


If you haven’t noticed, fur is in this winter like no other. Not just fur coats, but fur accessories as well, like collars, bags, hats and gloves. It’s an easy way to add luxury and style to just about any look. We’re pretty sure you probably own something that is fur or has fur detail by now, but if not, we’re here to give you a few options that’ll change your winter. We understand everyone isn’t as brave as Kanye and wants PETA to know their mink is dragging on the floor, so we’re supplying you with both real fur and faux fur options, as we respect everyone’s views on the subject. But enough of the political talk, let’s talk fashion.

Check out 6 Real vs Faux fur winter pieces.



Acne vs. French Connection

A simple black fur is all anyone needs to jazz up their look this winter. This Acne Alison fur coat is made from sheep skin and shearling, while this French Connection Narnia faux fur coat is a cheaper look-a-like.