Happy Birthday, Blue Ivy!: Fashionable Gifts For The Stylish One Year Old

  • MDK Goddess


  • tracy

    Happy Birthday Baby Blue-And Many More To Come!

  • Timmie

    Are you serious can someone please remove that title Princess. This child has a stripper name and I hope in the future someone punch her in the face just like when her daddy punch that female for no reason. With that said Happy birthday to JZ and Beyoncé ughhhhhhhh child.

    • Darienisabadgirl

      So you take your dislike for the parents out on the innocent child? I will pray for you because you are a sad Human being. I see why they let the public see her. smh

    • Guest

      Get a life Rihanna stan! Happy BDay Blue!

  • GoatBack

    she should get Blue Ivy a mask….like the ones Michael Jackson’s kids used to wear
    we are all tired of seeing the back of that baby’s head…..

    beyonce is two seconds away from putting a mask on that child’s face….

  • What’s it to ya?

    How about a WGAF! The perfect gift.

  • mswhyte

    She should get baptized.

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