The New, New Nails: China Glaze ‘Tranzitions’ Collection Changes Polish Color



Nails are almost like prom dresses. A lot of women get them done and, secretly, hope to one-up each other.

Well if you’re one of these women, or not, there’s a new nail polish that you’ll love. China Glaze has come up with the ‘Tranzitions’ collection, which boasts a formula that changes when a clear top-coat is applied. The collection comes in six shades: Split Person-NAIL-ity pink shifts to fuchsia, Duplicity Mint green shifts to vibrant teal, Modify Me periwinkle shifts to indigo blue, Altered Reality teal shifts to turquoise, Metallic Metamorphosis silver shifts to bluish-charcoal grey and Shape Shifter violet shifts to dark purple.

By blending, mixing and matching or creating strips the designs possible are endless. While the reviews for the limited edition collection are mixed, we suggest you trying it out for yourself at $7.50 a bottle.


-Danielle Kwateng

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  • GGooDei

    I have been looking for some good nail polish, but these mom and pop nail companies that are sprouting up I am not sure about. I read on the back of one lable that the chemicals for this specific product could cause birth defects….DAMN. I will stick to the Sally Hansan.