15 of The Biggest Celebrity Brats in Hollywood

They Just Make Our Eyes Roll: The Biggest Celebrity Brats Prancing Around Hollywood

Close your eyes and imagine the most demanding, self- involved, dramatic person you have ever met in your life. Have you got the person in your head? Now find the celebrity equivalent of your worst bratty nightmare! That’s right, we have compiled a list of the “brattiest” celebrities in the biz. Yes, we all have our days, but these celebs just take the cake!

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks WENN PF

Photo: WENN

Seems Ms. Banks can be quite the “Don Diva,” as she claims in her song, Seventeen, and isn’t afraid to remind her fellow femcee’s including Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. In her latest twitter retaliation, Banks took to social media site in response to Minaj’s claim that she was delirious for believing she would ever be invited on tour with her. Minaj’s tweet, “MantheseBeyotchesDelirous,” sent Banks clasping her red ink pen, in which she replied, “Use good grammar when insulting others.I don’t believe “Rap game” hierarchy ……… Sorry.” Banks also took time out of her latest Vibe interview to remind Lil’ Kim of how on the rocks her career is by saying, “I have my hand on the dial, I can control how hot and cold you are right now.”

  • Brandy

    Sometimes certain people just need a good, old fashioned slap upside their nappy heads.

  • Thenji Maynard

    Psh. Chris Brown in the middle of all this estrogen. smh.