10 Of Our Fashion Faves On Instagram That You Should Follow. Girlwithcurves, KelasKloset, Smashleybell & MORE!

10 Of Our Fashion Faves On Instagram That You Should Follow (Girlwithcurves, KelasKloset, Smashleybell & MORE!)


If you’ve ever walked around aimlessly because you were too busy looking at your Instagram timeline, we TOTALLY understand. We do it, too! It’s really easy to get caught up in Instagram with ALL that visual stimulation. And with New York Fashion Week right around the corner, a little inspiration will go a long way. In fact, we keep our IGs locked on several fashion pros. We went over our timeline to find 10 of our fashion faves to follow on the social network. It was SUPER hard to put this list together, but we know you’ll love our picks.

So, in no particular order, check out 10 fashion faves you should follow on Instagram.



1. sincerelyjules

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The L.A. based blogger and stylist is the source of many outfit inspiration boards. We love that Julee posts outfits often (don’t you just love her edgy downtown style?) and takes us along with her as she travels the world.


2. 9to5chic

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We LOVE the San Francisco blogger’s clean, tailored style. She mixes totally accessible pieces from retailers we love like Zara and H&M with higher end brands like Balenciaga, Céline, and Dolce & Gabbana. giving us tons and tons and tons of reasons to hit the like button on all her photos.



3. kelawalker

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So how cute—er, kute, is Kéla Walker? We love her blend of feminine aesthetics with downtown NYC chic. Not only does the TV host and blogger constantly produce great outfits, but she also takes us along her shopping journeys in the city. We LOVE the deals she gets.


4. chrisellelim

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There’s so much to love about wardrobe stylist Chriselle Lim who imparts the world with her impeccable style which we get a glimpse of on her Instagram page. Whether it’s her wedding, her arm candy, or her outfit of the day, Chriselle inspires us all to do better.


5. juneambrose

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So the thing about June’s page is that there’s SO much we get from it. There’s no doubt June’s wardrobe and her behind the scenes play-by-play of her job styling music’s elite is droolworthy. But she also shows us her “rockmom” side as she divides her time between her super cute (and also impeccably styled) children, cooking, and she’s completely hilarious. Is there anything this woman can’t do?


6. girlwithcurves

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Tanesha’s style is just perfect. Her color choices, the way she styles her hair, how she pairs pieces together, her makeup—all perfect. And she inspires us to take more chances with her wardrobe, and for that we will forever be followers.


7. bootiesonmyfeet

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This blogger from Sweden has a killer shoe game and street style swag. She’s always keeping us in the loop with what’s hot on the high street (I have personally sought out items from H&M and Zara after seeing it on her page) and also gives us some great ideas on how to better wear pieces from our wardrobe.


8. miraduma

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The Russian fashion editor has likely shown up in many of your favorite fashion week street style pictures and with reason. This woman has style oozing out of her pores! Her IG gives us a portal into what goes on in her day to day and of course the swoon worthy outfits she wears in them.


9. tosha_eason

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Gotta love those L.A. stylists—they always have such great wardrobes. And of course this next Cali-based blogger and stylist is no exception. We love how she puts together skinny jeans with baseball caps and killer shoes.


10. smashleybell

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“Revenge” actress Ashley Madekwe kills it both on the TV screen AND on your phone screen. Her IG gives us a look into her style, the items she covets, and her life as an actress.

Did we miss anyone? Which Instagram fashion stars would you add to our list?!



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