8 Tips To Achieve The Perfect Twist Out (Get Some Hair Inspiration From Pinterest)

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The decision to go natural can be a real struggle. But once you decide to make the big chop or transition, washed or co-washed tresses and struggled with the dreaded detangling process, the next problem is normally styling. A twist out is one of the simplest styles you can try on your natural coif, and practice makes perfect. There are a ton of options: flat twist, dry twist out, wet twist out, two-strand twist, half flat twist/half two-strand twist… the list goes on. While achieving the perfect twist out is mostly trial and error, here are a few tips to make the process a little easier:

Achieving The Perfect Twist Out

1. Try your twist out on freshly washed or co-washed hair. Clean hair will help you achieve a better look.

2. Thoroughly detangle your hair before attempting a twist out.

3. Use a leave-in conditioner on damp hair before twisting.

4. Twist your hair in the direction you want it to fall.

5. Wait until your hair is completely dry before you take down the twist.

6. Use oil (coconut, jojoba, extra-virgin olive oil, etc.) to take down your twist. This will prevent any unwanted frizz and make your style stay longer.

7. Re-twist your hair every night, and add a bit of water and your choice of moisturizer to maintain your style longer.

8. Experiment with different methods of twist outs and lastly… ENJOY YOUR HAIR!



Photo: Pinterest

Click through to see some of our fave twist-outs from Pinterest. There’s nothing wrong with a little hair inspiration.


152700243587211544_Fe6WcYIm_cPhoto: Pinterest


Photo: Pinterest


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Photo: Pinterest

How do you achieve the perfect twist out?

-Krishana Davis

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    Death to the twist out !!!! Ugh.

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    “Death to the twist out !!!! Ugh.” please explain. This is gorgeous.

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