StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Black Girls RUN! Partners With Q Parker For Fitness Tour (Who Says Black Girls Don't Work Out?)

StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Black Girls RUN! Partners With Q Parker For Fitness Tour (Who Says Black Girls Don’t Work Out?)

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We’re here to dispel one huge myth: Black girls can and do run! There are countless studies that say black women do not work out for a host of reasons, but it’s time to make that stereotype a thing of the past. Black Girls RUN! is an organization that makes health and fitness a priority, and gives women of all levels the encouragement to get out there and blaze a trail. Founders Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks have organized a community based on the mantra, “No woman left behind.” With over 65 running groups and over 55,000 members, Black Girls RUN! can be spotted in races across the nation, and is now coming to your town to give you all the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Toni gave us the scoop on BGR!’s new “Preserve The S*xy” tour. They’ve enlisted hottie soul singer and 112 member Q Parker for an event dedicated to your health.

Find out more about BGR! in your town, and learn ways to make your new year’s resolution to get in shape a lifetime commitment! What are you waiting for, StyleBlazers? It’s time to live your best life!


StyleBlazer: You’ve teamed up with Q Parker for the Preserve The S*xy Tour, and women are excited! How did the partnership come about?

Toni Carey: “Q had been very vocal about his support of us, and we didn’t know he knew who we were. I think it’s always great when you receive that validation or stamp of approval from a celebrity like himself, but also a black man. That’s so important for him to say, you know what, all you women out there, you need to take note and realize that it’s all about being healthy, and that the Photoshopped models in the magazine isn’t really what’s up. It’s about making sure you’re healthy inside and out.

One of the first ways that Q and Black Girls RUN! are partnering together is on our Preserve The S*xy Tour, which launched Jan. 5 in Nashville.  It’s all about getting into local communities. We’re going into about 5 different markets and we are basically bringing experts to the table. We know that getting healthy and fit, let alone running, is very intimidating. So it’s equipping all these women with the tools that they need to get started. We’ll have someone talk about nutrition, someone to talk about all the proper gear that you need to get started, and how to maintain your hair. All those things we know can be barriers for people. And so Q is going to make some of the tour stops and women can talk to him and get his autograph. It’s really just his way of showing his support of what we’re doing. “

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