5 Ways To Get Glowing Skin

5 Things To Do For Good Skin (Meagan…Good, Skin)

Photo: FayesVision/WENN

Though Meagan Good has had a bit of a style evolution throughout her career, one thing has remained consistently great: HER SKIN! I mean, that thing is like caramel butter. Not a single blemish, wrinkle, or imperfection in sight. It’s like she’s been photo shopped in person. So if you want the low down on how to get Meagan Good-like skin, read on.


1. Get A Clarisonic

No seriously, get one. These skin cleansing tools get the skin six times cleaner than manual cleansing, thus making your skin care products perform better. We love the new Aria which features three different speeds allowing you to customize your cleansing experience. Twice a week I use it on the highest speed to deep clean (I have oily skin). But there are also other Clarisonic options and here’s a quick breakdown on the tools:

Clarisonic Plus: 3 speeds; can use any Clarisonic brush head—there are 5 for the face depending on your skin type and 1 for the body.


Clarisonic Aria: 3 speeds; a slightly smaller model than the Plus, includes USB and AC/DC to charge your device, making it great for home and travel, and it has a battery power indicator so you know when to charge your device; can use any Clarisonic brush head


Clarisonic Mia: 1 speed; great smaller-sized tool for home and/or travel; uses all Clarisonic brush heads except for the Body Brush


mia 2
Clarisonic Mia 2: 2 speeds; a 1-minute pulsing T-Timer®; protective travel case; uses all Clarisonic brush heads except for the Body Brush

Although the Clarisonic systems come with their own skin care products, they’re all designed to work with all your favorite products.