The Best Inaugural Gowns Worn By First Ladies

From Michelle Obama To Jackie O., A Look Back At The Best Inaugural Ball Gowns

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We’re just a few weeks away from the President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. For his first Inaugural Ball, we expected great things from his fashionable wife, First Lady Michelle Obama ,and she has most definitely held up her end of the bargain. In 2009, she wore a stunning white one-shoulder dress by Jason Wu, and we are all waiting with anticipation to see what she will wear to the ball this year. From Michelle Obama to Jackie Onassis, the first ladies throughout history have worn beautiful evening gowns to their husband’s big night.

Click through to take a look back at inaugural ball gowns past.


Michelle Obama

US President Barack Obama and First Lady


Photo:Getty Images

Laura Bush

Freedom Ball


Photo: Getty Images

Laura Bush

Presidnet Bush and First Lady Attend Inaugural Balls


Photo: Getty Images

Hilary Clinton

Clintons Celebrate At Inaugural Balls


Photo: Getty Images

Hilary Clinton

Bill Clinton Dances At Inaugural Ball


Photo: Getty Images

Barbara Bush

George H. W. Bush


Photo: Getty Images

Nancy Reagan

Ronald Reagan And Nancy Reagan


Photo: Getty Images

Rosalynn Carter





Pat Nixon

Dwight And Mamie Eisenhower And Richard And Pat Nixon


Photo: Getty Images

Lady Bird Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson [& Wife]


Photo: Getty Images

Jackie Kennedy

Kennedys Attend Inaugural Event


Photo: Getty Images


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