StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Q Parker Talks Black Girls RUN! And What Makes A Woman Beautiful (It's Not Your Dress Size)

StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Q Parker Talks Black Girls RUN! And What Makes A Woman Beautiful (It’s Not Your Dress Size)


SB: Tell us about your 2013 fitness calendar.

QP: “The majority of my fan base is women. I acknowledge that and I make it where there’s good eye candy for the ladies. I make sure to include great nutritional tips and easy to follow guides that you can do at home, and really just putting out there that everybody doesn’t have a luxury of going to a L.A. Fitness or Crunch and the high quality workout facilities. If somebody put up a Q Parker fitness calendar and could be motivated to become active, then I’ve done my good deed.”

SB: Can you share your fitness routine for those adopting a healthy lifestyle in 2013?
QP: “The keyword you just used was lifestyle. It has to become a part of your life, and part of your daily regimen. I work out five days a week, I do about an hour and a half, hour and 45 minutes a day.  And I eat five, six times a day. I get my necessary carbs in two meals, and for my remaining four meals I make sure there’s a protein source, two vegetable sources, and I drink at least ½ gallon to ¾ gallon of water daily. The beauty about the eating part is that you can switch it up. We don’t do any fried food, we don’t do any soda. We do limited sugars and everything is grilled, pan-seared or broiled. And sometimes people say, how do you eat six times a day? Well if you feed your body the necessary elements and the necessary portions, your body will speak to you.  So that’s how you’re able to eat five, six times a day. Like they say, you are what you eat. We learned that in elementary school. You are what you eat, from your head to your toes.”

Trying to eat healthy but your family and friends aren’t on board? You can do this!

  • Whaaaat

    Correction: every woman can have a Kim kardashian body. All they have to do is ask her who her plastic surgeon is. It baffles me that she’s being mentioned here. This world is crazy.

    • june

      Yes it is baffling. This women is fabricated. What is up with black men who are holding on to this facade. Yet these same black men will be quick to say nikki Minaj?? is fake etc. etc.

  • FAIL! I thought I was going to get a wholesome response to the true definition of beauty. I just got a crash course on what plastic is really about. Dead wrong.

  • Guest

    I hope he getting paid from all these kim k plugs