StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Q Parker Talks Black Girls RUN! And What Makes A Woman Beautiful (It’s Not Your Dress Size)

  • Whaaaat

    Correction: every woman can have a Kim kardashian body. All they have to do is ask her who her plastic surgeon is. It baffles me that she’s being mentioned here. This world is crazy.

    • june

      Yes it is baffling. This women is fabricated. What is up with black men who are holding on to this facade. Yet these same black men will be quick to say nikki Minaj?? is fake etc. etc.

  • GGooDei

    FAIL! I thought I was going to get a wholesome response to the true definition of beauty. I just got a crash course on what plastic is really about. Dead wrong.

  • Guest

    I hope he getting paid from all these kim k plugs

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