Rachel Zoe Gets Custom Louis Vuitton Monogram Diaper Bag

And in “Over The Top” Fashion News: Louis Vuitton Creates a Custom Monogram Diaper Bag for Celeb Stylist, Rachel Zoe (Pic Inside)

And there it is above. Come on, for a minute there you probably thought we were joking, right. Rachel Zoe’s newborn son Skyler Berman just celebrated his 4-month birthday, and apparently when you’re the son of a celeb stylist who dresses most of the A-list crowd in Hollywood, it’s imperative to start your designer leather collection before you’re a year old. The word is she didn’t even have to pay for it – the people at LV just sent it to her on the house. The silhouette is Vuitton’s classic Speedy Bag style which costs $1100, and for the custom monogram, that certainly adds a couple more stacks to the price tag.

We can’t say we’re too surprised though – Rachel Zoe is on first name basis with fashion industry bigs like Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar De La Renta, Marc Jacobs (creative director of LV) and many more. So in that context, it’s not such a big deal – it’s just a little gift exchanging within friends.

Doesn’t the “over-the-top”-ness of the fashion industry continuously AMAZE you?