There’s No Way These Artists Would Have Made it on American Idol: 15 “Singers” Who Can’t Really Sing But Hit Fame Anyway

  • britt

    Nicki minaj needs to be on here

    • Ran Wise

      And that’s real talk! How da’hell did they miss her!

  • d mowry

    Where’s Kanye? He may make a lot of money as a producer, and have some of the best musicians, but he can’t even come close to singing in key. He made the mistake of trying to sing on one of the morning news show, when they had their summer sessions out doors. Kanye didn’t have his pitch corrector, and he was horribly off key. The phrase “fix it in the mix” had him in mind.

  • Choocoonoocoo

    Whoever made this list deserves to be slapped. HARD. There are people on this list that don’t belong: Madonna, Johnny Cash, Vanessa Hudgens, Jesse McCartney, and a few others. And a lot of people who should be on this list. I agree Rihanna isn’t one of the best singers, but Beyonce can not sing. In my opinion, Rihanna is a better artist than Beyonce.

  • Real Musician

    What credentials does the author of this article have in determining who can or can’t sing?? I completely disagree with some of the choices on this list.

  • XanderZane41

    Rhihanna and Madonna can both sing. Neither are on the same level as Whitney, Aretha, Mariah or Celine, but they are leagues better then a Lindsey Lohan or Hilari Duff, that’s for sure.

  • Jill

    There is no character named Roxy in RENT. Vanessa Hudgens played Mimi and was god awful at it.

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