The Most Open Celebrity Relationships

Most Open Relationships! Which Couples Just Let It All Hang Out?!

Don’t we all just love celebrity crushes, make outs and fall outs? I mean, let’s be honest, we all love to see our favorite celebrities going through the same crap we go through with our significant others every now and again, it reminds us that they are well, just like us! The question becomes though, when is enough, enough? When  do celebrity duos cross the line from being a relationship to an outright spectacle? No worries, we have the answer of course! Check out which of your favorite celebrity pairs made the list for the most open relationships.

Chris Brown & Rihanna

chris brown rihanna WENNPhoto: WENN

C’mon now! You really thought we were going to let Chris Brown off that easy did you? Chris Brown and Rihanna maybe the epitome of what a public relationship would be! Since the two started dating in 2008, the cameras have been watching their every move, from domestic dispute that left fans baffled to their recent on and off saga! Although the couple are currently back together, their is always tomorrow for these two!

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry WENNPhoto: WENN

They may have been one of the most beautiful couples around, but once this duo decided to split the gloves came off and things got quite epic! From a public custody battle, brutal fight from which Gabriel Aubry sustained serious injuries filed a restraining order, it seems Halle & Gabriel couldn’t keep out of the tabloids! Weekly updates, photos of Aubry’s injuries, paparazzi shots of Berry’s new boo, and copies of court ordered documents kept fans in the loop constantly! Although, guess it’s like they say, “not all press is good press.”

Ice-T & Coco

Ice T Coco WENNPhoto: WENN

Ice- T, pioneering rap artist turned special victims unit detective (OK, only on Law and Order, small exaggeration) has decided to turn to reality television as another one of his media outlets, and his brick body wife, Coco, has no problem going along for the ride! The couple’s popular E! series, Ice Loves Coco, gives us a huge glimpse into the couples relationship and the issues they experience, from Coco’s wanting to move out of their spacious New York City penthouse apartment to planning dog parties for their beloved dog Sparticus.  Hey, I never said the problems life or death!

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Kanye West WENNPhoto: WENN

One of hip-hop’s most famous moguls, Kanye West, has always kept quiet about the way that he and his family live. Kim, the second born of  children has been living her life on the television screen since her early twenties, and it seems she may be getting Kanye involved more and more with the reality TV lifestyle. With a couple of episode appearances by West on Kardashian’s television series, multiple photos of them walking the streets hand in hand, and an announcement of Kim’s pregnancy that sent computers into overload, it’s safe to say Kanye & Kim will have us reading the blogs for a while.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart robert pattinson WENNPhoto: WENN

So we all know that Kristen did the unthinkable by cheating on the hunk that is Edwar- ..Robert Pattinson, but c’mon guys we can forgive and forget! Stewart caught a lot of heat from fans after the duo’s trouble spot. Although things have smoothed over, with the couple trying to stay under the radar, they have been spotted together at multiple events, including this weeks Golden Globe’s.

Carmelo & La La Anthony

lala carmelo anthony WENNPhoto: WENN

Carmelo Anthony may not be one for the living his life in the public eye, but being the husband of a reality star calls for a couple on camera appearances every now and then. Lala’s Anthony’s VH1 series, Lala’s Full Court Life, takes a dive into the life of La La including the relationships she has with family, friends, her 5 year old son Kiyan Carmelo, and husband Carmelo Anthony. As fun and chipper as Anthony seems, martial bliss is not always at the forefront of the series, with Lala coming to the realization that Carmelo may have been preoccupied with distractions in the last season, lets just say she wasn’t all too pleased. 

Matt & Gloria Barnes

matt gloria barnes WENNPhoto: WENN

What do you get when you mix basketball, a wife, a lot of beverage tossing, and a fight or three? Well, you get the hugely popularized television series that is Basketball Wives L.A. and their start-up star Gloria Barnes! Gloria and Matt are known for their off and on relationship, nervousness to commit to one another despite having children, and Gloria’s infamous split from Matt in the shows previous season that left us wondering if these two were looney! The Barnes’ have recently decided to take the plunge with an exclusive wedding during which they only invited their immediate family. Good for them, maybe next season we can catch a couple more shots of Matt and their adorable boys!

Greg & NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes Greg WENNPhoto: WENN

Nene Leakes “has arrived honey!,” she is a “rich beyotch,” and is not afraid to remind us or her haters of it at any time whether it be via her role on Housewives of Atlanta, Twitter, or Instagram! It seems Nene is indeed living a dream ,reconciling with her ex-husband Greg Leakes, after what seemed to be a tumultuous relationship and split! These days the Leakes’ are smooth sailing with Greg seemingly catering to Nene’s ever need after relocating to the west coast to be with her! Talk about a support system! No word on if the two are in talks of a second wedding, but we will keep out fingers crossed.

Chrissy Lampkin & Jim Jones

Chrissy Lampkin Jim Jones WENNPhoto: WENN

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones make an unstable relationship look so exciting don’t they? Regardless of your view, the pair’s VH1 series, Mr. Jones has turned some heads with their portrayal of a couple living a hip hop lifestyle. Lampkin and Jones’ series takes you into the struggle of “Jimmy” balancing his persona of a rap artist while being in a committed relationship  Chrissy also faces challenges with trusting in Jim Jones, but all in all it seems the 7 year relationship is going strong with the two being engaged! 

Evelyn Lozada & Chad “Ochocino” Johnson

ochocino evelyn lozada WENNPhoto: WENN

The world thought they had the world’s shortest marriage in Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, that is, until they met Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson! With their marriage lasting about 2 month (yes, that’s a stretch) Lozada and Johnson were subject to ridiculous amounts of press and paparazzi hounding after media outlets learned of the couple’s domestic dispute causing a gash on Lozada’s forehead and police involvement. Months later, Lozada was seen on Iyanla Vanzant’s, Fix My Life talking about her relationship with Johnson and learning to heal from it, Go Evelyn! Although talks of any reconciliation re happening, we look forward to seeing more from Lozada in the future.

Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora

ROB Kardashian Rita Ora WENNPhoto: WENN

Rob Kardashian loves to blast Rita Ora, and lately has been doing an extremely good job of doing so! Although the couple has been featured together multiple times, including on Rob’s series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was never quite clear if the duo was an official couple. Until now! Kardashian took to Twitter a couple of days ago exposing to fans that Rita has cheated on him over 20 times, and that is somewhat promiscuous, to say the least. Kardashian faced huge critic backlash from this, calling him “soft,” and accusing him of exhibiting the catty traits of a woman. No worries, Ora responded somewhat saying, “Rob’s package is whack. I had to get it from somewhere else.” Wow, might want to think twice before your next tweet Rob.

T.I. & Tiny Harris

ti & tiny WENNPhoto: WENN

From jail time to family time, T.I. Harris has never been a stranger to being in the public eye, and neither has his wife Tiny Harris, ex-songstress of the 90’s girl group Xscape. The two have recently taken to the VH1 to show a lighter, less threatening side of T.I. with their family series, The Family Hustle. In the series you get a good luck of Tiny’s love for T.I., how he interacts with their 6 children, and their traveling lifestyle being a rap star.

Usher & Tameka Raymond

usher tameka raymond WENNPhoto: WENN

No matter how long Usher Raymond and Tameka have divorced, no one will ever forget the agonizing pain we went through as listeners of Usher’s music. OK, so maybe that’s a bit selfish, Usher and Tameka were hurt too, we’re sorry! The Raymond’s split in 2009 left us all wondering what happened, that is, until Raymond’s release of hit, “Papers,” telling us how he really felt! Since 2009, the divorcees haven’t had the easiest of times, losing their son Kile Glover to a jet ski accident last year, and Usher gaining custody of their other two boys Raymond V,4, and Naviyd,3.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Beiber Gomez sizePhoto: WENN

Awh, the joys of teenage love! Don’t we all just miss it? Well, not exactly, but we sure love to see Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez go through it! While the couple haven’t always had the most stable of relationships with rumors that Beiber was dating Taylor Swift, he got a fan pregnant, and his latest experimentation with pot, the two have been trying to go strong. Well, that is until about two days ago when the two split again! No one is sure if this is truly the end for this young couple, but I’m sure the news won’t be far from us.

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