StyleBlazer 5 Days Of Fitness: Chelsea Settles’ Incredible Journey (From MTV & Beyond)

  • Adree

    Good for Chelsea ! She looks great now and I really liked her show.

  • Tammi

    That’s great. I must admit when I saw her I wondered if she’d be able to do it. But she did. Congrats! Please don’t get thirsty and do KING if you drop another 2 sizes.

  • trina

    did she have to have any extra skin removed. I read when you lose a lot of wait after reaching 250, some people gain a new problem that most cant afford to fix.

    • Claudius_Ptolemy

      That depends on how fast or slow you lost the weight, that’s why weight training is so important as well and controlled weight loss. Tone as you slim and you probably won’t have this problem.

  • lovher

    I don’t watch MTV ever, but I happened to catch this show and fell in love with her personality. She was beautiful even at that size and I am SO HAPPY that she has reached her goal.

  • Jaleesa

    Good for her. Being a fat sloppy slob is not cute!

    • areyouserious

      and being a hateful angry ho like you aint either

      • Missy

        I so agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Michele From Ohio

        ZING! Good one lol

    • Missy

      Really….was THAT comment necessary….SOME things are better left unsaid EVEN if that is how you feel….it’s called TACT!

  • a far cry

    she looks like vanessa williams daughter.

  • Belle-Sexie Canuck

    I agree with her comment about how great she feels after working out-it’s the truth! I find that my skin has the most beautiful glow after working out, love it!

  • Missy

    OMG …. I was just thinking about you yesterday Chelsea … I wondered how your weight loss turned out for you….I see you have done a marvelous job in your journey to become a healthier you…What a blessing….may you continue to grow in your spirit and attain any and all goals you set for yourself. Blessings and congratulations!

  • SUN

    Good for her..she was cute big now shes cute and healthy

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