Rihanna Covers Complex Seven Times For Her Seventh Album

‘Complex’ Reveals 7 Spicy Rihanna Covers In Honor Of Her Seventh Album ‘Unapologetic’ (Check Them Out!)



 Photo:  Complex/  Zoe McConnell

They say once you turn a good girl bad, she’s  gone forever. Well, self-proclaimed bad girl Rihanna never fails to live up to her name. She graces revealed seven spicy Complex covers in celebration of her seventh studio album, Unapologetic. Photographed by Zoe McConnell, she dishes about light-hearted topics like getting the best Instagram selfie award to more interesting ones such as the inside scoop on her 777 Tour and her collaboration with Chris Brown.

On Unapologetic“I held back before. I didn’t show a lot of myself. I was very guarded,” she says. “I needed to be open and free and fearless. Basically say, ‘Fawk it.’ What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll hate me? They’ve done that before.”

On collaborating with Chris Brown on the “Birthday Cake” remix: “It’s all about the music. Everything else doesn’t even play a part in the studio.” “The-Dream didn’t write it for them as a duet. Jay-Z and I were in the car together listening to the song, and we thought it would be a great duet. It sounds dope. It feels good. That’s how Chris ended up on the song.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Complex