Red Carpet Inspiration: Lucy Liu's Florals For Winter, Groundbreaking

Red Carpet Inspiration: Lucy Liu’s Florals For Winter (Get Her Golden Globes Look!)

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

At the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Lucy Liu’s Carolina Herrera gown was completely and utterly fresh, pun oh-so intended. Of course we appreciate how confectionery powder blue, the sleek strapless detail, and oodles of volume combine effortlessly. The craftsmanship credit goes to the designer because without vision, these ingredients could have easily expired all chances of making it on our best dressed list.

Still, the starlet deserves equal recognition because she was brave enough to rock the floral trend during winter, the most unexpected season for prints of the garden variety. Honestly, traipsing around town in full bloom when meteorologists in some cities are still forecasting “snow flurries” seems like a walking and talking contradiction. Well, we couldn’t be happier the Elementary star took a risk and followed the infamous words of Marilyn Monroe: “it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Inspired, we’ve rounded up floral frocks that are equally as precious, but more functional for the everyday woman. In Liu fashion, we hope you’ll be encouraged to tackle the trend early on as well. Don’t forget! Adding the proper cold weather accessories—a pair of tights here, a leather jacket there—will make all the difference.

Click through the slideshow if you’re ready to kick start the new year with a bloom!

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Sheer Sleeved Floral Dress, $41.99

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