Knee Highs, Headbands & Checkered Skirts: Check Out Our Fave Stills From 'Clueless' To Celebrate Stacey Dash's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Stacey Dash!: Check Out Our Fave Styles From ‘Clueless’





We are sure author Jane Austen did not have sheer knee high stockings, headbands or plaid skirt sets in mind when she wrote her 1815 novel Emma. But more than a century later, her snooty British-based book morphed into the ’90s cult teen film Clueless.  Stacey Dash turns 47 this weekend. As stylish Dionne Davenport, she pushed through the trials of high school and young love, but with expensive clothes and great scenes.

In celebration of Stacey Dash’s upcoming birthday, take a trip down ’90s teen flick memory lane with some fashionable stills from Clueless.